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Vingle, it's my first post and I need your help! I can not remember this particular swordsman (or woman) but I am hoping you fellow anime lovers will! In a certain anime/manga/video game, there was a sword wielder who throws swords into the ground from a giant 20 sword sheathe he carried on his backpack...who is this fellow?! I have a lingering feeling that this character was very fast because I know he would move quickly from sword to sword slicing and stabbing his opponent using each sword only a few times. Tell me what you think Vinglers! Can you help me?
Here is some inspiration as well!
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@dwrdknowles257 No problem, I love anime
Zoro from One Piece or Gutz from Berserk?
did he star in his own anime? because if not that sounds like the samurai from soul eater
and then I read the comments and saw you already found out. @AlladinJones this means war.
@IssacMarch Catch up!!