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Today in our intensive hell week it is PRINCESS JIN DAY. Today were gonna go over what makes BTS' eomma so awesome!
Our cute and pretty princess works very hard in BTS. He always puts on a smile and makes sure to be bright and beautiful for all xD
And one more round of our gorgeous mother, because one can never have enough
Sadly "he was awkward since he was born" but it adds to his charm and makes you love him more xD
Finally he works hard as the hyung (mother) of BTS. Even though he may not be the leader, he makes sure that all of his dongsaeng's (babies) are well taken care of......even if they constantly diss him
Now to leave off with Jin being all cutesy wootsey and caring to the other members HAPPY JIN DAY EVERYBODY!!!! P.S (I do not own the beautiful pics, gifs, and vids used)