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Just finished SAO yesterday. I started the second one and it looks very promising, I'm already in love with Sinon. Anyway I agree with all the others who say that the second part of SAO is better, because once they got to Alfheim I became interested in the series just that quick, the only contradiction I had was that right after he beats SAO and saves Eveyobe he jumps back into to Another VORPG and I will admit I was a little pissed. But after a while I learned to settle my differs and enjoy the show.
I will say that Asuna's part in Alfheim, didn't do her justice it made her look as if she was a weakling, who couldn't hold her own. For those of you that have watched SAO and gave up because it started to suck, I say give it another try. It will be worth it. For those of you that haven't watched it yet I recommended it, if your looking for a drama fantasy thing going on. I will say this, it will start to get a little slow and make you want to call it quits[ like it did to me, I started watching it in 2014/2013 and I just finished ] I say keep pushing on, there is more great ness to come.
I watched it all straight through, I loved it. Kept my interest almost all the way, I wasn't a big fan of the lovey dubby junk with the cabin and what not, but after I got passed that and back to some action it was all good again. But I did enjoy the actual SAO gameplay better than ALO and GGO. But overall it was a damn good anime and I can't wait for the next installment.
I'm excited
Hasn't been officially announced just yet, but keep looking for it. Sword Art Online: Underworld I believe it's being called.
Youre going to love the GGO episodes
Ugh. I hate Gun Gale but love Sinon.
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