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Looking for opinions on Superman, trying to match him to the DBZ style so he's not as ripped and his hair may be a little different. I'm gonna try and keep him as close as possible without messing with him too much. Please feel free to comment and give me your opinion. Sorry for the crappy quality of the second page its just a skeleton for reference. I did it on my break while at work. It'll look better on real paper instead of a scrap from a notepad at work. xD Check it out @shannonl5 @DarthRevan @BrittanyBaldwin @RyanOgg @Quietone @Nicolejb @RKA916 @Lorena13 @ShikaZwiez @ButterflyBlu
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This is really cool! ^_^
@shannonl5 did you see how goofy the second page looks lol
superman wayyyy too skinny, he needs to be built like Tien gets later the hair is pretty good tho I see the spikey incorporation you got goin on in there
@BillyCracraft Yea I fixed the srawnyness so he's not a toothpick anymore lol I'll switch the images probably tomorrow after work XD
Superman is no longer a toothpick lol he's not Broli ripped but he's more of his appropriate size XP