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My Sweet Mark °••○☆♡
My Crazy but adorable Jackson °•○☆♡
for me can't be one against the other. . Is only Mandu & Dimsum.♡
Markson forever♡♡
Jackson: I present you..My shy Mark..
When Jackson gets Jelous. first pic. he is like. Hey Jr. That's mine don't touch. . then when Mark plays around with the other members he gets all Stressed. .haha.
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I find it funny cause I love Mark but my cousin kinda looks like him! 😂😂
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oh wow.. you got a handsome cousin
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Lol It makes me laugh every time I see Mark cause I'm like "Seriously? The closest copy I find just had to be my cousin. " He acknowledges he looks like him too 😂😂 @luna1171
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