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He was just regular boy with his best friend Hide. He met a beautiful girl named Rize Kamishiro, they went out for a few days/weeks. One night Kaneki Ken walked Rize home. She revealed she was a ghoul and tried to eat him. They made a construction site fall apart and fucked shit up. They docter put Rize organs inside of Kaneki Ken. After a few the surgery he feels different and he doesn't like normal human food. He doesn't accept that he's a ghoul. He meets a girl named Touka and she forces him to eat some human flesh. He spits most of it out and is still regeting he's a ghoul ( I'm quite jealous ). He goes to a coffee shop and he finds out ghouls are able to drink coffee. This is a part one and I know I left some people out I will add them I'm the next one and if you want me to make more comment and press that weird heart button.
Looks like nobody want me to continue this