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(Warning: This one will pull at your heart strings so read at your own risk....You have been warned. I even cried while I wrote this.)
-Please talk to me! I'm sorry, (Y/N).- I saw the message from Namjoon. He has been texting me for the past hour, asking me to answer. I just can't bring myself to answer. -At least tell me what I did. I really don't want to lose you.- I roll my eyes. My heart hurts too bad. The fact that he was secretly dating my best friend and she knew I liked him. It's infuriating. -....please, (Y/N).....- I grabbed my phone and turned it off. I don't want to hear from him. ~~Flashback~~ "You guys wanna go out to the boardwalk today?" (F/N) asked. "Uhh...sure. Why not? I have nothing better to do." I shrugged. "Yeah. Let's go." Namjoon stood up. We all walked out of the library together. Well, actually, I should say they walked out together. I was behind them. They laughed about something I didn't know and I kinda felt like a third-wheel. Some girls looked over at Namjoon and giggled. They obviously thought he was cute. (F/N) grabbed his arm and pulled him close to her, looking at the girls. They rolled their eyes and laughed, walking off. That...was weird. We finally arrived at the boardwalk. We walk around and play games. "Ohh, look. You could win a plushie. I want one. Can you please win me one, Namjoonie?~~" (F/N) hugged his arm and begged 'cutely' or so she thought. I made my sitting bitch face. 'Eww...that was gross.' I thought to myself, gagging in the back. They know how much I hate it when people act like that. Only couples act that way....they can't be, can they? "Sure, why not?" Namjoon smiled. I stood behind them shocked. Namjoon shares my hatred for PDA and he smiled when she acted that way. This can't be happening. It's the apocalypse. I knew it. Next thing ya know, a zombie is going to eat an innocent bystander. "Uhh....I'm gonna go to the bathroom." I tell them. (F/N) just waves me off. "Okay. Will you meet up with us when you're done?" Namjoon asked. "Yeah." I called back walking away. I run to the nearest restuarant and go to the bathroom. I stand in front of the mirror and rinse my face. Why do I feel like I'm going to throw up? They can't be together. (F/N) would have talked to me about liking him. She knows I have had a crush on him ever since grade school. She wouldn't do this. I dry my face and fix my hair. I walk out of the bathroom and start to head back to the spot we were gonna meet. "Would you like some lemon ice?" A vendor asked. "Its free!" I nodded and she handed me one. I continued walking with the lemon ice in hand and what I saw chilled me to the bone. (F/N) and Namjoon were kissing...or I should say making out. His arms were around her waist and hers around his neck. I knew it. I just couldn't anymore. I ran away, throwing down the lemon ice. Tears threatened to fall. I didn't stop them. They streamed down my face, non-stop. I ran all the way home. Into the front door and up the stairs. "Hi sweetie." My dad said as I ran in. I didn't answer him. "(Y/N)?" I immediately went to my room. I flopped on my bed and cried into my pillow. "Honey?" I heard my door creak open. My mother walked in. "What's wrong, honey?" I continued crying. "They are dating....they have been dating this entire time and I was to stupid to see it. I saw the way they looked at each other, the way she would get defensive when other girls talked to him, the way she is always touching him. I was just too naive." I cried into my pillow. My mom sat next to me and rubbed my back. "Oh my....I am so sorry you had to go through this." I hugged her and cried. She stayed and comforted me. My dad came in with some hot cocoa. He and my mom went through this thing with my older sister. They know how to make me feel better. But....this time, it didn't work..... ~~Flashback ends~~ Now I am sitting in my room, numb to the pain. They have been blowing my phone up with texts and calls. I haven't answered until today. -When were you going to tell me. Have you ever considered how this was going to make me feel? She knew very well that I have loved you for a long time now. And she still betrayed me like this. And so did you. I thought you knew me better than this. I expected more of you. I guess I was wrong to think so highly of you. Now stop texting me. I don't want to talk to you, I don't want to see you. I don't want to even hear your name. I am officially done with both of you. Congrats on your relationship. You have broken my heart. You can tell your little girl friend this too. Goodbye, Namjoonie.- I placed my phone on my night stand and leaned my head against my head board. One tear slipped down my cheek. GOODBYE, NAMJOONIE. (Pt. 2 coming soon)
@Simba14 @KellyOConnor @JasmineWilliams @Kitty17 @OliviaZenger Finished the part two. It's called 'To Fix A Broken Heart'. Hope you like it.
@CarolSilva will do
@SarahVanDorn I already wrote the next part. It's in my collection, under Kpop Imagines
ughhh I should have listen OMG the feels and his my UB it's like my heart just got stampede. 😭😭
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