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This is an imagine for all my Hobi lovers out there. I hope you approve.
"THERE YOU GO!! YOU GOT IT!!!" Hoseok shouted as I finished the dance. I blushed and smiled, panting. I wiped the sweat from my forehead. "I can't believe I got that move down." I high five him. "Oh. It didn't take that long. It only took a billion tries." He shrugs, I punched his arm. "Whatever dude." I say, leaning down and picking up my Gatorade bottle. Hoseok and I have been working on a dance for the showcase our camp is having. We have been going here for six years. We have been childhood friends for as long as I could remember. Camp BigHit was the most talented and complex summer camp in the greater Seoul area. We applied when we were old enough and got accepted. At the end of summer, we have a showcase where everyone can show off their skills for their parents and peers. Hoseok and I were going to perform a dance he choreographed. He taught me the moves these past few weeks. But I just couldn't get this one move down. I finally got it and I couldn't be more proud of myself. "You want to go down to the lake?" He asked me, as we sipped our gatorades. "Ugh. Actually, I can't. I want to get a shower in before dinner." I looked over at him. "Oh. Okay." He looked down. "I'm still going to the bonfire though. You're going to be there too, right?" I anticipated his answer. "Yeah. I am." He looked at me. My face grew warm. "Well...I'll see you at the bonfire." I say, standing up and walking out of the practice room. I turn around and wave goodbye. He waves back. HOSEOK'S POV: 'Idiot! Why didnt you ask her to be your date to the bonfire? She was right there.' I sighed. 'This is going nowhere. Maybe she doesn't like me.' I stood up and grabbed my gym bag. I started to leave when I heard laughter. "So you're gonna ask (Y/N) to the bonfire?" I heard HungBin ask someone. "Of course I am. She's hot." I heard a familiar voice say. Jimin. "But isn't Hoseok going to ask her?" HungBin asked. "Dude. I doubt he even has the guts to do it." Jimin laughs. They walked off, laughing. I gripped my bag and huffed. I will ask her. Just you watch. YOUR POV: I sit on my bunk and flat iron my hair for the bonfire tonight. I can't wait to see Hoseok. I jumped down from the bunk when I finish my hair. I put on my hightops and head out the door. I can already hear the music playing. "Hey, (Y/N)~~" I hear someone say next to me. I look over and see Jimin. "Oh, hi Jimin-oppa." I smile. He smiles back. He has a cute smile but a mischievous glint in his eye. I feel my face warm at the way he is looking at me. "You look hot tonight." He remarks. "Thank you." I brush my hair behind my ear. He chuckles. We arrive at the bonfire and see people either dancing on the dance floor, drinking with their friends, or laughing around the bonfire. "Wow. It looks pretty." I whisper to myself. "You want to dance?" He asks me. I nod, mostly out of surprise. He takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor. I follow. He starts to moving to the beat of the song confidently. I follow suit. We are soon dancing in a newly formed circle with everyone watching. I'm too into the music to get shy. HOSEOK'S POV: I arrive at the bonfire a little late. I see a circle that's been formed around the dance floor. People are cheering. I walk over and see (Y/N) and Jimin dancing together moving in sync with each other. I can't help but get a little jealous. I was too late. I stand there and watch. I watch as he grabs on to her waist, she ignores it. How can she be letting this happen?!? Does she like him?? I knew she didn't like me. I feel tears well in my eyes involuntarily. I walk off. YOUR POV: We finish the dance and laugh slightly walking to get something to drink. Jimin continues dancing, probably with another girl. I don't mind. But I wonder where Hosoek is. "Ugh, excuse me..." I ask a girl who is by the cooler. "Have you seen Hoseok anywhere?" "Oh he was just here. He was by the dance circle. He walked off in a huff. He looked upset. You got some moves, btw." She giggles and goes back to talking to her other friend. "Thanks...." I say quietly. I wonder around trying to find him. I walk deeper into the woods. I stumble on a couple making out. "Oops. My bad." I mumble, walking away. I walk a little further, careful this time. I see a hunched over figure. Sniffles come from their direction. They sound like they're crying. "Hoseok?" I ask, quietly. Their head snaps up. "(Y/N)?" I hear them say. HOSEOK POV: I look over and see (Y/N) walking toward me. She looked beautiful in her highwaisted shorts, blue sweatshirt, and black hightop converse. (A/N: CONVERSE HIGH!!) "Are you crying?" She asks softly, walking closer. " No, I'm not." I say, looking away and discreetly wiping away my tears. "Oh okay...." she doesn't continue asking questions. She sits close to me and I feel my body tense up at how close we are to each other. "Then why are you out here all alone?" She asks. "I was skipping rocks." I lie, throwing a small pebble into the lake, it skipped successfully. "Oh cool. Let me try." She got one and tried, it sunk. "'s harder than it looks." "Yeah~" I laugh. She smiles at me and laughs too. But she brings up the topic I was trying to avoid. "I know you didn't come out here to just skip rocks. You saw me and Jimin dancing together, didn't you?" She asks. Sighing, I nod. "Don't think anything of it. He asked me to dance and you know me. I can't turn down an offer to dance to save my life. You know if I was held at gunpoint and told not to dance, I would start break dancing. I can't help myself. I didn't mean to make you upset." She frowns. "Its not your fault. It was just....I thought.....since Jimin put his hand on your waist and you didnt move it, I thought you like him.....I guess that was pretty stupid of me, huh?" I look at her. She scoffs. "Yeah~~" She laughed. "I don't like Jimin like that. He isn't my type." She shook her head. " your type?" I looked at her anxiously. "You are." She said just before she kissed me. I was shocked at first but...I kissed back. She pulled back and I opened my eyes to see her smiling and blushing. "I have wanted to do that for a while.." she confesses. "Ditto." I smile and kiss her again.
Um okay yea you are staying in my closet no more hun you don't want me to die do you???? the feels are real~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
yes I'm so happy for jhopw