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attack on titan dragonballz digimon naruto pokemon sailor moon and yu gi oh
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@DipDopOfTheDip Lol! "Raising Monsters" is the only thing similar between Pokemon and Digimon. Digimon's story leans more on the dark side comapred to the more optimistic Pokemon. Plus Pokemon has a more kawaii art style. Digimon has some ugly and scary designs while Pokemon seem to be either cool or cutesy. Even the "ugly" pokemon can't compete with the "disgusting" digimon. Lol! I get why Pokemon appeals to you. I love it too but Digimon's deeper darker storyline appealed to me more. Loved both Digimon and Pokemon games! :)
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I have a naruto headband
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Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Attack on Titan, Digimon, Naruto, Dragonball Z, and Yu-Gi-Oh
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Attack on titan, sailor moon, naruto,dragonball Z, Pokemon, digimon, Yu-gi-oh
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