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Omg, I just finished watching this awesome amazingly funny as hell anime, It is called Senyuu!
It might be a short anime(4 minutes each episode)But every minute is worth it. There is two seasons each season having 13 episodes, but it was amazing! I totally recommend this anime I know some people don't have time for 24 minutes of anime, Well this anime is only 4 minutes Every minute I caught myself laughing real hard X'D
My favorite character was Ros/Ross. He was hilarious, he was 90% of the reason why I laughed and enjoyed the anime over all. He might seem mean, but that is what makes it so funny, He is weird, which I particularly like about him most
That first photo made me laugh so hard I started crying. It is about two guys, Alba the hero, and Ros the royal guard. And their job was to find the demon lord and stop him/her from harming the world, and bring peace back to the kingdom. That was my short summary here is what it said in the description: "Then, one day, a great hole suddenly appeared on the surface of the world, and a vast number of demons appeared. The king discerned that the menace Satan had returned after being sealed away for a thousand years, and decided to send the hero's descendants to battle him. He found 75 men. As one thousand years had passed, you see, it was difficult to tell who the hero's descendants were. So the king declared that he would grant the title of "true hero" and great fortune to the one who defeated Satan, and ordered the new hero, Alba, and his warrior attendant, Ros, on a quest to bring down the evil Satan. Though he struggles with lesser monsters and is even nearly killed by his partner Ross, Alba's quest to polish his fighting skills leads him to new places and new meetings that he had never expected. Battles, laughter, and emotional moments enhance this adventure tale of an incompetent hero and a sadistic warrior!"
But what I didn't like was the ending, it made me cry soooo hard, (probably because I got attached to the characters) When I was at the last episode in season two, I got so mad/sad i was like, "THEY BETTER MAKE A 3 SEASON!"
Well, I'll leave it at that. The last picture I put here is a part of the last episode that made me cry. But I won't say what happened or why, If you want to know there is only one way to find out WATCH SENYU! I totally recommend it. Rate: 10/10
@Ashenwing159 Yay, you'll enjoy it don't worry Yeah, I wish they where longer too
Will do. I watched Hetalia, so I can handle the short episodes. Although, I wish they were longer.
@charlesnash I put it the description But i will comment in here too. it's called Senyu
wats the name of this anime