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Well we all know about the comic, Deadpool kills Marvel. So let's get to the summary : First of all, the cover of the comic might look serious but in all actual, it's comical. This comic is actually written for people who are tried of superhero comics and wants things to be a little dark. Deadpool is a mercenary assassin who is constantly talking while he’s fighting, not unlike, oh, every other superhero but Spider-Man. As you know Deadpool is pretty much the only in Marvel that is self-aware to know that he is in a comic book. You know that 4th wall break Wade loves to do! Anyway, Deadpool is sick of being a comic book character. He’s sick of the Marvel Universe. He’s sick of constantly regenerating and never being allowed to die. And he wants to put an end to it all. So he comes to the conclusion that he needs to kill everyone in Marvel to get some type of peace. To the point he even wants to kill the readers (wicked Wade). Deadpool does succeed in killing the Marvel Universe but the whole point is it to be silly! Think about it, could Deadpool really kill EVERYONE in the Marvel Universe? Maybe, maybe not... Who actually knows
Moving on to the Mercs with mouths and the Rest of the Vingle community Deadpool has a contract for you! ×××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× ✨ Sometimes you do get tried of the heroes in the Marvel or DC Comics. Heroes always beat the bad guy.. Yata Yata Yata.. So your mission from Deadpool, if there is a Super Hero in the Marvel Universe you would want to assassinate who would it be? Give a Why and Yes, you can pick more than one! Deadpool would love to know
L A Von York 's editors note : Remember comment on the post if you want your named removed from the Mercs with mouths posting. I do respect people with the whole tagging thing. You have Facebook Yea I hate tagging... Especially for some 29.99 Ray Ban glasses ♥
I'm not sure despoil can kill every one in the marvel universe, why, because marvel is filled to the brim with god's and Titans. one of them being galactus. how do you expect DP to kill a man who eats planets for a living. not to mention Solon Richards. a man (a child technically) so powerful just saying his name nearly made galactus shit himself
Tag me, lady. Duh!
@LAVONYORK oooh, my bad. well in that case I want to take down Spider Man. there can only be one corny jokes and pun master
Lego deadpool is my spirit animal.
@anthonybrea the new Aquaman for the movie looks bad ass. DC fans are not happy because they wanted the Golden hair I hang with the first guy not the military look guy that might harpoon you for peeing in the ocean
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