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(This is the sequel to You Broke My Heart. Hopefully, you like it. I might make a part three.)
YOUR POV: I walked the adjacent route to school just so I wouldn't have to see Namjoon and (F/N). I still couldn't believe that they did this. It doesn't hurt as much but the pain is still there. I walked into the school gates and across the yard to the front doors. I kept my head down just so I wouldn't see them. I got to my locker and quickly put everything away and got my journal and book. Closing my locker, I ran to my homeroom and sat in the back. So far, so good. "So what are we going to do after school, Namjoonie?" I heard (F/N)'s annoying voice. Spoke too soon..... "I don't know. I have to go to work afterschool. Maybe we could do something Friday." I heard him say to her. Looking up ever so slightly, I saw him and her standing just outside the door. "Okay. Well, I'll see you next period." She kissed his cheek and walked away. I looked away and gulped. I put my head down and took deep breaths, hoping he wouldn't see me. "Hi, (Y/N)..." I heard him mutter. "What did I say about talking to me? You lost that privilege." It comes out muffled because my head is still down. I hear his bag being put on the table next to me, followed by the rustling of clothes. He must've sat in the desk next to me. "Come on. I said I was sorry." He said. I looked up and turned to look at him. He looked shocked. NAMJOON'S POV: I have never seen (Y/N)'s eyes look so cold. "Sometimes sorry isn't enough." She said, monotonously. She turned and looked at the teacher as she started teaching. "Mr. Kim! Please pay attention and stop bothering (Y/N)." The teacher called. "Sorry, ma'am." I gulped, and looked at the front. I heard (Y/N) take a deep breath and let it out, shakily. I never knew I could hurt her this bad. I kept looking over at her. She didn't look at me not once. Now that I think back, I would always catch her looking at me but I would brush it off. I never knew she liked me. How could I have been so stupid? As the bell rang, (Y/N) got up quickly and left before everyone else in class. I bet she just wanted to get away from me. I sigh and walk to my next class. Suddenly, I feel an arm link with mine. I look over to see (F/N) on my arm. She has been very clingy ever since (Y/N) found out about us. She would get upset if I talked to any other girls, when I don't answer her texts immediately, she gets suspicious. "Hey babe~" She mused. I inwardly cringed at the nickname but smiled outwardly. I hate it when girls act like this. "Hey..(F/N)." I answer. "Whats wrong?" She asks. "'s nothing." I shake my head and force a smile down at her. "Its obviously something...." I look away. "Its (Y/N), isnt it?" (F/N) says her name distatefully. I look at her. "Yeah. It is her. Is there a problem?" "I just don't get why you're letting her get to you like that. She's not that important to you, is she?." She rolls her eyes. I rip my arm from hers and stare at her, in disbelief. "(Y/N) is my best friend. And yes, she is that important to me. I have known her my entire life. Losing her is the worst thing that could ever happen to me." I yell at her. "Worse that losing me?" She shrieks angrily. "Yes. Worse than losing you." I growl, walking away. "Namjoon? NAMJOON!!!" I hear her yell behind me. I continue walking away. I need to find my best friend. YOUR POV: I sit by the creek after school, throwing pebbles and watching the ripples. I hear a couple twigs behind me break. I turn around to see Namjoon standing nervously behind me. I scoff and stand up, dusting off my skirt. I start to walk away. "No please. Just hear me out." Namjoon gently grabbed my wrist. I stopped and looked at him, tears already prominent in my eyes. "What now? Have you come to tell me that you guys are getting married?" I quipped, angrily. NAMJOON'S POV: I couldn't get used to (Y/N) talking to me like this. It scared me. I looked her in the eyes and saw tears threatening to fall. I can't believe I have made her cry. "I have come to apologize." I cringe at that lame answer. "If you haven't noticed, you have already apologized and I declined your apologies multiple times." She stared me down. "I know that. I understand that you're extremely angry with me but I just want you to know is....I wanted to tell you." I confessed. "I was just scared. I didn't want to lose my best friend." She scoffed. "Well, that wasn't very smart, now was it? You lost my friendship by not telling me." She reminded me. "I know and I keep kicking myself for being such an idiot. But.....I miss you, (Y/N). I just want my best friend back." I say, near tears. She sighs and looks away, closing her eyes. She was giving in. "Please, (Y/N). We have known each other forever. This can't be what breaks us. It has to be us trying to murder each other." I joke. She shakes her head and chuckles. I laugh with her. She stops laughing and sniffles. I see the sunlight being reflected in the tears that are running down her face. I frown slightly. "I have missed you too." She says, looking me in the eye. The sun makes the light brown in her eyes more noticeable. It's quite beautiful..... "Come here." I pull her in for a hug. YOUR POV: Namjoon pulls me in for a hug. I am hesitant at first but once I smell that familiar scent of cologne, I give in and hug back; sobbing into his blazer. "It's okay. Let it out. I'm so sorry for hurting you like this." He says while stroking my hair. I cry harder. We stand there for ten minutes. Namjoon and I might not be a couple, but at least I have my best friend back.
@JasmineWilliams think you're just his friend......when he thought about how beautiful your eyes looked, he's falling for you. That's why I'm considering making a part three.
OK ALRIGHT! I'M IN MY FEELINGS! *searches frantically for icecream*
@KimLeekWonshin Here it is. I'm glad you liked part one.
Do you guys mind if it's another member? I'm thinking of using Taehyung.
oh my gosh more crying! so good!
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