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Yesterday, @VinMcCarthy posed the 11th question for Nani November, "Who would you want to help cook for Thanksgiving.". Well, I've already made another entire card for my first choice, Rin Okumura. So, there are two others I will choose for this card to make an epic cooking team!
The first is the Kitsune-turned-familiar, Tomoe! He may be new at cooking, given he's never had to deal with a human master before Nanami, but he is diligent about learning! He is able to prepare hand-cooked meals daily, and they look really good! He was also able to put together quite the spread for Nanami on her first day to school. Yum! His fox-fire will come in handy if the stove is full or breaks. And, cooking for me, he can put in as many Shitake mushrooms as he likes!
Usui Tamaki is the charming young man I would ask to help Tomoe and me. He has proven to be one badass chef while helping out at Maid Café for Misaki. Not only can he cook an amazing omelet, but he is also a very accomplished pastry chef. He is so good that his services are usually enlisted by the kitchen whenever he shows up, and the cooks beg him for lessons. Plus, once we're all done, he can showoff his mad violin skills!
Oh, and there is also one last little thing.... both Usui and Tomoe are pretty darn attractive! I mean, what girl wouldn't want these two running around a kitchen with you?
Thanks, I really appreciate that!
Cool, just wanted to make sure. :)
Just miscounted! Thanks, @nberry1620!!!
This was question #11 just didn't want ya to miss one unless it was just a typo. I've been numbering all my cards for this give away so I wouldn't miss any. You're more than welcome to check my collection out in case you may have missed a question.