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I'm disappointed. When I read the Tartaros Arc I was hooked. I clang to my phone for dear life, cried a lot, and could not stop reading. Now that I'm watching it tho, it's just upsetting. I still watch it weekly, religiously (obviously) but it's just really not that great. Maybe it's because I watch week to week tho. I may stop watching for awhile that way I can binge watch the arc once it's done..
In all honesty.. I never recommend this anime, I only recommend the manga. Natsu seems like such a bitch in the anime right now compared to the manga. Idk... It's gotta be the only series I'm obsessed with that I prefer the manga. I still love it and all the characters I guess I just had higher hopes for this arc. I wanted the anime to give me the same feels that the manga did and it just doesn't. :(
But..... I survived day one of working retail during the holiday season. Go me! Only another month of no life and all work until things settle down and go back to normal. Now that I've finished the new episode of Fairytail, it's time for the new episode of Noragami!!! (:
I'm glad I'm not the only one!!! @Thatperson512
I agree the arc is a bit weak compared to how heavy it was in the manga. Tartarus was probably my favorite arc in the manga but it's definitely not anime wise