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I know I've been talking a lot about the winless Philadelphia 76ers and the undefeated Golden State Warriors lately...

And both teams kept their streak tonight with the 76ers falling to the Houston Rockets and the Warriors crushing the Suns!

But that's not all. The 76ers set a new record in the professional sports world with their loss today.
Yeap...they are currently 0-17 this 2015/16 NBA season. And they lost their last ten games during the 14/15 season.

Yes, even Jesus said so!

Well, the challenge to guess who, in this case the 76ers and the Warriors, is going to end their streak first is still on! Check out this card ---------> [VOTE] Warriors or 76ers?
So all sports fans should participate! You don't need to know anything about basketball!
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yeah, never heard of them. no wonder they are doing so badly...