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V- As The Rain Drops.

(This one is a little fluffy. I made a couple people cry because of the incredible feels in Namjoon- You Broke My Heart and To Fix A Broken Heart. So hopefully, this will make you feel all warm and fuzzy you are.)
YOUR POV: "Shouldn't you be asleep?" I heard a familiar and lovable deep voice say behind me. I turned around and saw Taehyung standing behind me, leaning in the door frame. "I was asleep....I just wanted to watch the rain." I look back out onto the horizon. It's around 2:00 in the morning and rain has been pouring down nonstop. Not enough to flash flood but enough to drench the entire city. I have been out here on the balcony for a good hour, just watching and listening. I love the rain. "Maybe I should join you." I hear him shuffle closer to me and sit down. I knew my face got warm so I just continued to look away. He sat so close to me. I could feel his heat radiating off of him. He wore a loose tank top and shorts as pajamas but even on a cool, autumn night like this, he is still warm. "Why do you like the rain so much?" He asked me, running a hand through his hair, messing it up slightly. "I don't know. It just has some calming properties that I like." I look at his side profile. His eyes look tired but he seems wide awake. "It does, doesn't it?" His voice was music to my ears. "Yes. It does." I nodded. "Do you ever wonder if they get lonely?" He asks. "What do you mean?" "The raindrops. They all fall at different times. And when two seem to get close together, they hit the ground and dissipate. Have you ever wondered if they get lonely, living their short but significant lives? Some get used in creating crops, filling dams, and making lakes flow. But other rain drops just go as runoff and aren't as important. I wonder...." I stare at his profile and chuckle. He looks over and smiles. "I got deep, didn't I?" I nod and we both laugh at the sudden seriousness of the situation. "Sorry." He muttered, embarrassed. "Oh, no need to apoligize. It was interesting....I liked it." I smile, my blush returning. TAEHYUNG'S POV: I look at (Y/N)'s content face as she watched the horizon. She seemed so calm and collected when it rains. She looks so beautiful. "Why are you staring at me?" She looks over at me. "No reason....sorry." I look away and listen to the distant rush of water from the storm drains. She was right. That sound is calming. The wind blew and (Y/N)'s hair blew behind her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I watched as her features relaxed and rejuvenated. She looked celestial in a way I couldn't understand. "(Y/N)? Can I ask you something?" I mutter, getting nervous. YOUR POV: "Of course. What is it?" I opened my eyes but they drooped slightly. "Do you...l-like anyone?" He asked hesitently. "Why do you ask?" I lay my head on his shoulder, growing tired. I felt him tense under me. I wonder if it's the cold. " particular reason. I just wanted to know." He looks down at me. I close my eyes. "Yes....I do like someone." I felt myself drift to sleep. TAEHYUNG'S POV: "Can you tell me who?" I asked, anxiously awaiting her answer. It never came. I looked down and saw her, sleeping on my arm. She breathe deeply, seeming comfortable. I smiled. I could have stayed like this with her all night but she can't sleep out here. She would get sick. I pick her up gently and take her inside the dorm. I carry her to her room and place her under her blankets. Pulling the blankets over her, I made sure she was warm. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. "I'll wait for your answer. I'll wait for you." I tell her, quietly. I walk out of her room, closing her door behind me silently. I will wait for you, (Y/N).
(I know this one was shorter than my others but I hope you liked it.)
Can you not~~~~~? You are a feels monster~~! Omg I love you!!! made up for all those Namjoonie tears!!! Omg your perf! and omg im text rambling!! I'm gonna shut up but just to end I love you and your work so so much continue please~~~!!!!!
@Zephoria Just updated.
My heart.....
oh my heart. V is my bias and this is so me to the T. I loved it so much
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