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Hey every body how you doing? Does anybody know this anime? If you do how is it? I just started watching so I don't know much about it. It seems to be good so far, I am on the 5th episode. I am hoping it is good all the way through the show. I am like this anime show very much
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It's the bomb, no matter how many times u see it, it's very emotional. Even if you do know what to expect you'll still end up crying again馃槉
evertone hates the part i like about sao, and i don't usually tellpeple i like sao because theyre going to say wuts ur fav thing about aao and i liked the alfheim online part, the first alfheim online part and my fav character is zekken ":
@FTLuver Btooom!! Has all of that too '-'
SAO is a great anime, it almost makes you wish nervegear were real. I was so sad. SAO is a real game for PS4 btw. I know what I want for christmas.
SAO was an awesome anime! One of my firsts and still among my favorites!