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Hey guys! I've brought you beautiful wallpapers of BTS c: hehe, btw I didn't make them so the credit goes out to those who did make them.
Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've had a busy schedule 😩😭 Plus, I got sick *sighs* all because I got soaked in snow :-;
But anyways, getting back to these beautiful wallpapers, I have lots of these. So, if you guys want more I can always put them up so you guys can enjoy them ^^
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@Adetoro sure ☺️
2 years ago·Reply
Thank you @Marinakarina 😊
2 years ago·Reply
All of these are beautiful!!! If you do more I'd like to be tagged too! ☺️♡
2 years ago·Reply
@MarinaKarina Can I be tagged in the future?
2 years ago·Reply
ѕυre 😊 @ILikeHisFace123
2 years ago·Reply