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Hey everyone!

Fat Sara is coming up and about to destroy your feelz and your good time. PART1 is basically a timeline that I made to put I'm order all the events that have happened since the Prologue. If you haven't seen this card, please do so. You won't understand Jack of -excuse the Poker Pun. I was playing Poker a few minutes ago with my uncle and his friend. Yes, a small young teen girl vs. 2 Big Mature Men. I beat them about 6 times out of 15, though XD- what I'm saying. Anyway, I'll start off where we left off, which was November 23.
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
OK, on November 24, the teaser came out. If some of you guys have been busy, -and yeah, don't worry. We all have lives.- with Thanksgiving Preparations, or something, its right here. ***I also added the Japanese version of INeedU -Not sure if it was the teaser or just the MV, sorry about that-, because hey! JPoppers can join the fun -hahahaha wut?- too!


Here comes the actual fun. Our ARMYs have been pretty fast into doing these things. Let's start off with what happened after the MV. Sounds good? @Emealia strikes the feelz once more! -RUN -ARMYs WORK FAST


Then, @sugasweetness made some pretty impressive wallpapers. Interested in one? Go for it =HERE=.

Let's move on to the theories.

As we all knew, @Emealia pulls them out of her magical hat. I'm gonna list all the ones she tagged me in since #5 -where I left off the last time-. 6. Joonbug 7. RapMons Grim Reaper 8. BTS LOST BOYS? 9. Multiverse. 10.Connection 11.Book Deaths Theories @kpopandkimchi also made a round up of theories. RIGHT HERE! And to finish it off for the day, @thePinkPrincess introduced us to a very special person.


You can check it out HERE

So far, that was all for November 24.

www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
OK OK, I feel like some of you guys are dying. Hang in there. HERE, have a funny theory to make you laugh. By @AnnahiZaragoza November 25, the Album Preview came out. It was beautiful. And we have discovered there are more concept photos that we didn't know about. That's when we get more theories. There was THIS ONE, published by @destiny1494 which is pretty new and different to the rest. Check it out. If you didn't like that theory, its fine. If you are -like me- still in denial that none of the members are dead, please look at THIS BTS NOT DEAD? theory by @thePinkPrincess . There is also THIS ONE where -to me, it makes the most sense somehow- by @Taehyungie where they all die after V....

Not many things happened yesterday either.

Except this one thing.

@thePinkPrincess made this card about HOW TO: PREPARE FOR BTS COMEBACK. I can only tell you one thing.

Buy a few boxes of Ice Cream.

Eat your little heart out after waiting a night of feelz. I went into the V app a few days ago, and there will be a a countdown on November 28 -tomorrow for those in the US- and another one for December 4.


Ahhh, how much have the boys grown....

Wanna take a peek at the past and now? @amobigbang made a card about some of their teaser videos. Its pretty neat watching it and remembering back in time. Interested? Check it out HERE! Adding to the teasers, @deemonster100 made this one -a good few months ago, sorry.- about their Evolution. Seven MVs are listed here in order.
*****Now, let's be real. Most of you all have heard MA CITY already -If not, the link is in the name- and are pretty much wanting it for Christmas or something....


I went to this FaceBook page called Kpop Buy, Sell, and Trade -link is RIGHT HERE- and I asked if anyone could tell me where I could preorder the album or buy it signed or something. This girl commented saying that there was these two websites that are already pre ordering them: *What she said in description* -KTOWN4U :I know a bunch of the Kpop websites already have preorders up. I'm getting mine through ktown4u.com where each version (including a poster) is $10.71 without shipping. Can't tell you exactly how much shipping is because I got a few other things too so that changed the cost for me. -KPopTown: But they're also up on Kpoptown.com where they start at $11.50 for a single cd/no poster to up to $30 for both cds/2 posters. Again, that doesn't include shipping but I've gotten other stuff from Kpoptown before and it tends to be decent. Kpoptown can be really slow to ship though. I preordered Jonghyun's Story Book through them and the shipping was almost as much as the product but it still only came up to $22 and everything ships from Daegu. I know for them it takes roughly 12-14 days exactly for stuff to arrive in the Chicago area.
We also have this CountDown ARMYs! BTS HELL WEEK! @kpopandkimchi made this card. Check it out ::HERE::. I really hoped theses helped. I had a lot of pressure to figure what was going on and make another timeline.

What ever happens, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.....no? ok...

No but really, I'm not sure I will get enough information to make a part 3. I will keep clipping,so tag me people! Thank you for your time and understanding, I appreciate it. My inbox is always open in case anyone needs it!


You'll need it.


I'm really starting to worry that the MV isn't evEN THIS DEEP AND ALL YOU GUYS ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY. SLOWLY.

I love you all though.

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lol I just give up on theories this is like 5 nights at Freddy's. were all going to be guessing what is going on and what happened until they release enough things that explain it perfectly.... why can't they just explain it clear to us!!!!!!