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Yes! Golden State did it again.

Now they're 17-0.

And the 76ers did it again too. And they're 0-17. Well, you know what that means. The challenge is still on! (Just in case you don't know about the challenge, check out this card: [VOTE] Warriors or 76ers?)
We have @BossDominata @ChriSingularis @ButterflyBlu @DannyMoses on predicting that the 76ers will win their first game before the Warriors lose their first one!
And we have @Dalin972 @Starbell808 @VeronicaArtino on guessing that the Warriors will lose a game first before the 76ers win one! (They must really think the 76ers suck that bad)
The Golden State Warriors are playing the Sacramento Kings tomorrow and the Philadelphia 76ers are playing the Memphis Grizzlies next!

The challenge is on and we will cover the two games on this card!

GSW Win, PHI Loss. I don't see much changing this round. lol
@mchlyang close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Lol they're terrible. And now you got Jahlil Okafor getting into all kinds of mess... its not gonna help the morale.
@BossDominata I really can't believe the 76ers are keep's not like they are getting dominated...they're so close every single time!
@mchlyang it's like I can see the future, huh? lol
I feel like I'm starting to feel pity for Philadelphia!
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