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Listen to this song it's fabulous and you'll love this song :3 #hatsunemikumelt MERUTO!
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what exactly Is a vocaloid?
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So basically a VOCALOID is a program created by a company (I forgot the name) and they use a singer to pronounce phrases. And then they compute it into a program and then they sell it for customers to buy to create their own music using the voice. So it's a synthesized voice. This particular character is Hatsune Miku, she is the most well known VOCALOID to exist. I really like her voice and you should listen to this song that she sings. It's called MELT, so hopefully that answers your question. :) @Kizzoe
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have u listend to gumi and rin's luvoratorrrry?
2 years ago·Reply
No, but I will check that out. Thanks! @noWaifuNoLaifu
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