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(I love him. He is my UB in Monsta X at the moment. I actually can't choose and you can see me rant about my inability to make up my mind. I made a card. I forgot what it's called but if you wanna read it, you'll find it. HE IS SO CUTE, ISN'T HE?!?!?!?!? *dies fangirl heart attack* *comes back alive* He's still mine *dies again*)
"(Y/N)-noona~~" Changkyun called the from the living room. "Yes, Changkyun?" I replied, cutting carrots. "Can I have a cookie?" He asked. "No! I am making dinner. I don't want you to ruin your appetite." I say, putting the carrots in the skillet. "Yeah, listen to your noona, maknae." Hyunwoo walks into the kitchen and tries to take a cookie out of the jar. I smack his hand away. He reels back in pain. "That means you too, Hyunwoo." I call him by his real name. He grins and laughs, rubbing the back of his hand. "That hurt!" He yells, starting to tickle me. I start to laugh, placing the knife on the desk. "Stop! I'm trying to cook!" I say in between breaths. "No! You're gonna pay for hitting me." He continues tickling my waist. "Shownu, stop!" I hit at his toned arms, failing to stop him. He finally stops and I push him playfully. "I'm trying to cook here!" I scold playfully. He looks me up and down, smirking. "Well, hey. Don't hit me. You will get tickled." He fake-lunges for me. I hold up a large carrot in defence. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Changkyun get up in a huff and leave the room. I hear his bed room door slam. "Uhh...what's wrong with Changkyun?" I ask, worried. "I dunno. But can I at least have some juice before dinner?" He holds up a juice pouch. I nod reluctantly and he walks off, with a wink. I shake my head at him. But...I start to worry about Changkyun again. Maybe I should ask him. Putting the knife in the sink, I dry my hands and walk upstairs to his room. I knock on the door. "Come in!" I hear Jooheon say. I walk in slowly and find Jooheon sitting on his bunk on his phone. "Yes? What's up, (Y/N)-ssi?" He sits up. "Have you see Changkyun?" I ask, leaning against the door frame. "Yeah. He was just in here. He seemed upset. I think he went to the roof. He sits up there alot." Jooheon told me, going back to his phone. "Oh okay. Thanks. By the way, dinner will be ready in fifteen." I walked out, closing the door. I walk to the staircase. I walk the four flights and opened the door that lead to the ceiling. I walked out and saw Changkyun sitting on the edge, overlooking the city. I walked over to him. I knew he heard me. He just ignored me. He never did that before. "Changkyun?" I called. "Hmm?" He continued looking off. "Are you okay? I sat next to him. "Yeah. I'm great. I have never been better." He replied sarcastically. "Okay. What's wrong?" I asked exasperated. "Why are you up here? Shouldn't you be down there with Shownu?" He asked, bitterly. "Where is this all coming from?" I look at his side profile. He looked hurt. "I might be the maknae of the group but I have feelings too. How do you think it made me feel when you and Hyunwoo were having that tickle war in front of me? He knows that I like you. And yet, he doesn't seem to care." He confesses. " like me?" I asked, shocked. "Duh! Is it really that hard to believe? You're beautiful, kind, considerate. You care about everyone. You have the most beautiful smile." He blushes and smiles, looking away. "Changkyun.....I never knew you felt that way..." I took his hand in mine. He looked down at our joined hands and blushed harder. He looked into my eyes. In the light of the setting sun, he looked extremely handsome. I leaned in and kissed him softly. He didn't do anything at first but then he kissed back. When I pulled away ad looked at him, he was still dazed and his eyes were glazed. "I liked you too. I always have. I dont like Hyunwoo like that. He is just a good friend. I just thought you might find it weird if a girl who was a year older than you confessed her love for you. That's kinda creepy, huh?" I looked away. He placed two fingers under my chin and made me look him in the eyes. "No. Not at all.....I like noonas." He smiled and kissed me again.
(Sadly, I am not a noona. I am like 13 and he is 20. But, hopefully someday I can meet Monsta X. But *sigh* a fangirl can dream. Maybe he would fall in love with me. 7 years isn't that big an age gap, is it? Age ain't nothing but a number.......I will go now....)
@MonAnnahiX Thank you!!!!!
@AngelaDarkness I found them! This is with one member but she has different ones with different members in this same collection. & I remember her telling me that she made Fanfics elsewhere (wattpad) too... I hope this helped you a little.
awwwwww~~~~ Your younger than me~!! and your UB is adorable~~~~~~ This was all cute and fluffy~~~~ love it!!
@AngelaDarkness any time!
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