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So I've been away for way too long and want to come back with this. I did a halfway point impressions of this and then life drop kicked me and I have been working non stop. But even still I was determined to finish this anime. I rewatched it from the begining and had no trouble finishing it. So. Sena Izumi is a 18 year old college kid who dreams of being a Mangaka but has no talent for drawing. He also comes from a strong bloodline of successful idols, actors, singers and song writers. He wants nothing to do with show biz after a tramatic incident that happened when he was 8 years old when he played his first role in a comercial. But that incident has come back in the form of a reunion comercial where he will now play one of the main roles with the talented and super idol Ryouma. So when of think of yaoi, its normally rather boring for me. I mean there are a few gems out there but they are few and far between. Most of the stories tend to just blend together for me. I will say because of this, it isn't my favorite genre. But this story, despite being a yaoi feels more shonen-ai-ish. And its a bit of a breather for me. The normal tsundere additudes are present but not to the extremes most take them nor do they last the entire story. You can actually picture something like this taking place. The characters are actually believable and so god damn adorable. I got my cute fix to the max when I watched this. And can we get a shout out to this guy?
Rei, is like the superman of this show. He takes care of a lot of the behind the scenes and is completely cute. He's a voice of reason among all the dramatic personalities he deals with on a day to day basis and I identified with him so much (especially right now).
He is cute and cool and completely on top of things. But he isn't perfect all the time and can lose his temper when someone does something that is too idiotic even for him. Particularly when it has to do with Shougo his secret boyfriend or taking care of Izumi.
Also i liked the touch of a anime in an anime. That was done nicely and I rather enjoyed seeing abit of Izumi's mind set throughout as a foil for the show.
Also the best boyfriend of the year should go to this guy, Ryouma. While he does have his faults and can be petty, he is honest with himself and does a lot of self discovery in a short time frame that really I dont think many of can do.
Also I love the way the editors gave him such heartfelt and varied expressions it was really well done and made me love his character even more. He was honestly my favorite character next to Rei. I think it was his honesty and openess in trying to reach Izumi and convey his feelings that really touched me. Plus there was one scene that got to me. Spolier Alert (you have been warned)
Where Izumi is at Ryouma's house and is depressed because of a very bad set back. Ryouma is trying to get him to go back home and face his family but Izumi is being stubborn and self pitying to the point where he says he will stay with Ryouma forever. Ryouma in a show of emotion says he can't because he's kept himself in check and at bay tells him he isn't that strong of a person to resist his feelings. Izumi in a selfish moment says he doesn't care what happens to himself and offers himself to Ryouma. I've seen this set up go down hill real quick before in other Yaoi's and it always bugged me because it was always made into this painful, forced and violent scene that made the story hard to stomach afterwards. The emotions are never realistic afterwards and it just hurts the story to me. But this story didn't and in a show of emotional strength chose to showcase Ryouma as a decent guy. He won't take advantage of the situation just because he is horny and his crush is in the room and that made me love him all the more. And he even took care of izumi, cooking him food and making sure he would be comfortable even when he had to step put for work. That right there was a awesome choice. I think by far my least favorite characters would have to be Izumi-chan himself. He's selfish and prone to angst filled pity parties but he is honest and does try to think things through when he isn't on a depressed tirade or self absorbed. Also when he finally decided to do something he sees it through to the end despite his own self doubt and worry. I think that was his few redeeming qualities to me. But he is a cute and well drawn character that I wish could have been given a bit more meat than just a depressed otaku. This story was both cute and heart warming and I loved it. It was definitely a breath of fresh air for me and I was happy to find a yaoi I actually liked. It has definitely made the animes I love list as well as one of the few I will probaby come back to simply because I need that overdose of cute and sparkly. I love romance and slice of life animes and am glad to have another that has made my favorites.
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I have liked this memorable anime for years now