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@VinMcCarthy One of the greatest abilities in my opinion is Inuyasha and his Tetsusaiga. Whether it's using the wind scar or adamant barrage Tetsusaiga is an awesome weapon against any opponent. And the sword's wielder is not short on power either.. Inuyasha also has the ability iron reverse soul stealer and full demon rage (but only when his life is seriously threatened).
But I suppose even a mighty half demon like Inuyasha has his weaknesses.. Even so I believe that Inuyasha has one of the most powerful abilities ever. When he sets his mind on something or a loved one is in danger Inuyasha can defeat any enemy that stands against him.
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no its 2 different fangs from the same demon
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sorry I choose spirit gun
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@JayAndre tenseiga was broken off from Tetsusaiga because his father couldn't use the medo (I can't spell the second half) it was all part of one sword.
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oh my mistake. ty
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@JayAndre no problem you're welcome
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