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Hey Guys! So I have done all the research I could about the Bangtan Boys regarding their theories and I decided to inform you about everything I have found, realized, and thought. So let's get this started!

The Catch Up

Okay so everyone who's kept up with them knows that I Need U and the prologue are connected. If you haven't watched it, you need to and then come back to this. By the way, the prologue comes AFTER I Need U if you haven't figured that! Some people don't understand that. Read on to understand because once I point out some things, it'll make sense...somewhat. As much sense as we can make of what they're giving us.

The Whereabouts Of Everyone

Okay so let's just recap where people are (or were) in I Need U. Rap Monster is seen working at a gas station late at night. He's seen eating a lollipop throughout the video. Jimin is in a bathroom the entire time. He is seen in a bathtub full of water crying and clutching his head. Jhope is also in a bathroom, but looking into the mirror on a medicine cabinet. He is seen kind of checking himself out, but not in a good way. More like he's judging and critiquing. V is seen wandering the streets and he eventually gets to an apartment where his sister is being abused by his father [father is assumed]. Jungkook is also seen wandering the streets, but it's at night. It is kind of assumed he was running from something. (What he was running from will be mentioned later). Suga is seen in a hotel room the entire time. He looks very lonely the whole video. Jin is seen in a mental institution/hospital.

Suga And Jungkook In Love?

So let's start with the good theory that makes us happy because it's going to get depressing after this... Suga and Jungkook are seen together a lot in the prologue. In the prologue, there's a scene of Jungkook sitting on a port looking off into the distance and Suga comes over and sits next to him putting his arm around Jungkook in the process. Then Jungkook turns his head and just looks at him and it's a moment I wish lasted forever. Also, there's a part earlier than that in the prologue when Suga was sitting on a couch and Jungkook put his head in his lap. I also want to throw in that Suga was playing with a lighter, which references what's in the next post, and Jungkook blows it out. Also, Suga plays with the lighter just like in I Need U. Oh the references....

The Deaths And How

Alright, now for the depressing part: the deaths! Rap Monster: There's been some debate whether or not he died, but face it guys! Our Joonie is dead (cue sad face). As was mentioned, he worked in a gas station and he had a lollipop in his mouth. In I Need U, he is seen taking the lollipop out of his mouth and dropping it onto money, but when the camera focused on the lollipop dropping on the money, the sucker turned to a cigarette. So Rap Mon died because the cigarette caused an explosion in the gas station. Jimin: He drowned himself in the bathtub that he was in. In the original version, he is seen shaking (which is referenced in the prologue because he was in the back of the car shivering due to being cold when he was sleeping and Jhope is seen covering him up with a blanket). Jhope: So after he was done with judging himself in the mirror, he opened the medicine cabinet and took a bunch of pills. He is seen walking down a street on the side of a highway and passes out, so he dies of overdose. Suga: He took gasoline and set his hotel room on fire. This is what the lighter represents in the prologue. Jungkook: While walking the streets at night, he runs into these thugs and gets beaten really badly. Disoriented, he ends up walking in front of a car and gets hit and dies. It is popularly assumed that he was running from Suga; that they got into a fight of some sort which would explain why Suga was lonely. V: He dies, but he does in the prologue. He is seen jumping off this beacon thingie at a port and into the ocean.

Who's Alive And Why

V was alive and Jin still is currently. At the end of I Need U, V is seen stabbing his father to death and at the beginning of the prologue, he was wiping off the blood. And then died later in the prologue. Jin is alive through it all! Fighting! But that came with consequences. With all his friends dead, he kind of lost his mind, which is why he's in the mental hospital.

V and the Heights

So in the prologue, V is seen standing on top of a rock and then on top of the beacon thingie later on. When he does this, it's the same situation. He is with the group and everything is good, but the rock and beacon caught his attention. He then separates himself and climbs up on it. I think he does this because he knows that his friends are dead and is kind of coming out of the daze that Jin is also in. The daze of not wanting to accept it, in a way. I'd also like to mention two things here: When V climbed up on the beacon, Jin looked very puzzled; he didn't even go to record it, he just watched. He looked really confused and I think it was because he was trying to make sense of what was happening but just kind of couldn't because of the mental state he's in. And the second thing is, after V climbed up the beacon, the boys are seen making a gesture that some people took as them telling V to jump. But! Rap Mon wrote on a mirror "You Need To Survive." Why would they tell him to jump when he told V he needed to stay alive? What they were telling him was to come down. Remember, the prologue is AFTER I Need U. Again, people get confused. The reason why Namjoon, Jimin, Jhope, Jungkook, and Suga are there is explained in the next part.

Jin And The Camera

Okay so here's where the reason why the people who are dead are there. So Jin is seen with a camera in the prologue; taking pictures and videos. But here's the thing: the camera is very bad quality. The camera is a way of showing how Jin is seeing everything, reliving and remembering everything. So there you have it people! The prologue is basically Jin remembering his moments with his friends before they died while he is in the mental hospital with V along with him through some of it. Also! Rap Monster, in the prologue, took a picture of Jin with Suga behind him with a polaroid camera. He is seen putting that polaroid into the glove compartment. Then, after the credits in the prologue, Jin is in the car by himself. He opens the glove compartment, gets the polaroid picture Rap Mon took of him and Suga and looks at it to see that Suga isn't even in the picture; it was just him smiling when there should have been a smiling Suga in the background. Suga's not in the picture because he's dead and Jin was imagining him there. And then, the camera focuses on the car which is seen very wet which has led people to assume that he drove the car into the ocean which would've been how he ended up in the mental hospital.

Jhope and Pills

So in I Need U, he overdosed on pills. In the prologue, Jhope is seen emptying his pill bottle into the campfire. I haven't seen anyone talking about this, but I wanna touch on it. I think this signifies that he maybe was hooked on pills and became clean. The dropping the pills in the fire represents him burning a past habit and then with him looking at himself in the mirror in I Need U, it was him trying to kind of fight it. And then, you know, lost the fight in the end. Someone had a different take on it though. They saw it as he was suffering with depression and with his friends, he doesn't need the pills to be happy, healthy, and in the right mind anymore.

Run Teaser

Okay! So in the teaser, it shows all the guys. However, I noticed something that I'm sure some other people probably noticed. So if you look at what they're wearing, everyone is wearing black except for guess who! Jimin-ssi!!! Fighting! He is seen wearing white! Also, everyone has a certain...wet feel to them. I don't know what it is about, maybe it's not even anything, but with BTS, you never really know. I'm thinking it has to do with Jin and that wet car. Or maybe it has to do with them being at a port and at a beach in the prologue. Why were they surrounded by water so much? Like Jimin drowned himself, V died in the ocean, they were at a port and a beach in the prologue, and the car was really wet at the end of the prologue. What are they cooking up? I will update you on what I find out about that!
Woah! That was LONG! I'll make sure to update you guys on the other stuff regarding them because I need to fangirl with people. When I talk to my friends about it, they look really confused and like they want me to stop talking... I need to get Kpop friends in real life... But anyways! I hope you liked this! My butt hurts from sitting on the floor typing all this because the cord to my laptop charger isn't long enough for the couch... But okay, Bye!!!!!
@daisiesxflowers oh no it's okay!
@sugakookie yup :-) sorry if I came off rude ! I just wanted to clarify some stuff in case some are confused :-)
Yes, it was uploaded AFTER I need u but it was a prologue, not a sequel, which means what happened BEFORE I need u
@daisiesxflowers everything that happened were memories from Jin that happened before they all died