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Fans of Mickey Yoo Chun and Rooftop Prince! Our Wangseja’s birthday is coming soon!! I didn’t need to tell you that right? XD But it is my pleasure, better yet, my privilege to say that Vingle’s Mickey Yoo Chun’s fans are holding and event to show our love for the greatest oppa!! If you are a Yoo Chun fan, then come join us. If you love someone you, you have to show it right??! :) Details below ^^ Prizes: •Grand Prize: JYJ Music Essay CD, a clear file, a postcard pack (8 cards), and a notebook •16 Consolation Prizes: 1 Park Yoo Chun postcard pack, clear file, or memo book Mission Post cards with Park Yoo Chun related content, such as fan art, fan fiction, pictures, letters, or fan videos etc. by June 4th 23:59:59 GMT. Be creative! 1) Join and LIKE the Park YooChun Party ( 2) Click on the “Add/Post a card” and upload your content. 3) Enter “Park Yoo Chun” in the party tag field. Winners will be announced at noon on June 6th so be sure to check at How to win? The winner will be selected based on the sum of the most LIKES, views, comments, clips and Facebook/Twitter shares from all your cards. Tips •The more cards you post, the more chances you have to win. (IMPORTANT: EVERYONE KNOWS DUPLICATES SUCK!) •It will help to spread your cards through Facebook, Twitter, and all other Korean drama/K-pop related sites. •Contest entries must abide by Vingle’s standard rules for posting. ( Don't forget to LIKE Park Yoo Chun( & Rooftop Prince ( Parties. Also DON’T forget to leave a Happy Birthday message on this card( before you leave unless you dislike Park Yoo Chun! ps) Thank you to VINGLE for supporting this event :)
Happy Birthday XD Yoo Chun!
@kangeletti--that would be awesome I really want to submit a card now >.<
how wonderful! I'm not sure how Vingle works. I've never used it before. Will this be sent to Yoochun i n print form?
@Ryensyamira Let's make a Happy Birthday Card XD
happy birthday Yoo Chun :)
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