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HELLO, my fellow Otaku and Weeabos. Today, we are soon 1 month before we reach 2016 and before that happens, I'm gonna give you an anime to watch until 2016 arrive. Please, comment & like and enjoy this !
AntiMagic Academy : This show is about an guy name Kunsagi Takeru that meet a old friend from middle school (Ouka Ootori). Ouka was pretty much independent, her goal was to kill witches because her family got slaugther by witches. Kunsagi is a relic eater because of he was choosen to become a Inquisitor. The 35th Test Platoon is an division in AMA. Rating 8.5/10
Tokyo Ghoul : In Japan, there's ghouls that is disguised by humans. Kaneki meet a girl name Rize Kamishiro in the Antteiku Coffee shop. I believe Kaneki wanted to learn her better or trying to get on a date with Rize but Rize wasn't human, she was an ghoul. While Kaneki was walking towards the alley, Rize was trying to kill Kaneki next to a construction area. The area broke apart(I believe the Clowns broke it or Jason.) When Kaneki went to the hospital, they replace his organs with Rize and now he's a half ghoul. P.S- This anime is depressing and some scenes is speechless, depending on how you feel. Rating - 9/10.
K PROJECT : This anime is one of the amazing, not so mainstream animes. This anime is about how Kings fight other Kings in the central of Japan, let's say it's a gang, Lol. Mikoto Suoh(RED King) had major problems with Munkata Reisi(BLUE king.) This anime is really good, some parts are borning. Anyways, Mikoto died by not taking his role as king...(Spoilers.) Just watch it ! Rating- 9/10.
HONESTLY, One punch Man is about a guy name Saitama who wanted to become an hero. After defeating a lobster monster, he still believe he can be an hero. He kept on training so often, his ability is one PUNCH. Any monster he hit, he'll defeat them with One PUNCH. P.S- In the Anime universe, there's a lot of Anime characters can beat Saitama. I'll be making a card about that too. The Guy is human with Amazing Strength. Yes, he can beat Goku, Naruto, Luffy & some mainstream characters. Rate-8.5/10
Well, that's all I got folks and for those who disagree with me in the comments... BLAM. Anyways, I see my fellow Otakus/ Weeaboos later. Peace ! (Note- Sorry I wasn't on for a couple of months or weeks. I got work, anime & Clan Conferences in my life. You can hit me up on Kik or Xbox One, adios once again.)