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If (we) get delayed here…..then it’s over. Jae Ha silently stares at Shi Kyung pointing a gun at him! Bong Goo tells Jae Ha what he wants from him, and forces Jae Ha to make a decision. Hang Ah is with her father and headed to where Jae Ha, Shi Kyung, and Bong Goo are presently at. On the other hand, Bong Goo is captured by ICC prosecutors during his stand off with Jae Ha. His defense lawyer retained by Club M asks for bail……… -------------------------------------------------------- Bong Goo: Break up with Kim Hang Ah, and abdicate your throne. Jae Ha: You want to kill me? Hang Ah: I’ve spoke with his majesty privately already. Jae Ha: He cannot be freed on bail. We went to all that work to capture him. Bong Goo: Pressure both the North and South side. Secretary Eun: Your majesty, what kind of Queen would you chose, to put the citizens at peace? Jae Ha: Is it okay to go down now? Hang Ah: You go first, I’ll be there shortly. Bong Goo: You need to wake up and first figure out how many fingers you have on one hand. Credit:
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i cant wait for it...........
Few more hours to go...
so curious about the ending...