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Lee Min Ho is moving to China after filming, "Heirs."
Must watch this . . recently news: Entertainment News - Korea [M] Lee Min Ho Moving to China 01/04/2013 (c) entertainment news korea [M] and viki.com hihi, this is not true, This is a April Fools a prank Joke x'D Be Happy ^^
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wtf? "Yi Min Ho" ahahahah :D
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Why does he give up his Korean citizenship to Chinese one? He would loose the respect from his fans who are not Chinese if he does so. Please, stay in Korean where you're born and grow up. I hope this is a joke on April Fool day.
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haha, please calm everyone this is a April fools, don't be serious x'P and kindly do not comment in a violent reaction. @tessquijano @shauna76 @Lifeintravel
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