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Here is a tip for those traveling to Japan. Find a Starbucks, that's your wifi heaven! Thank God there's a Starbucks near my host family's place (about 10' walk). HOWEVER, you must register on Starbucks' free wifi network in order to be able to access the free wifi!! I didnt know this but I was lucky to be able to get some random wifi signal in some alley on my way home so I was able to register with Starubucks' wifi. Most of Starbucks stores in Japan has wifi but not in Korea. This saved me like 100 bucks because the roaming service costs around $8-$10 a day and you would have to carry a pocketegg with you all the time. FYI, olleh (Korean phone company) offers unlimited roaming for 10,000 won/day .
she is soooooooooo cute I love her...
She is beautiful! I think she wanted a frappuccino. :D
isn't she pretty? lol
Heehee. Gotta love that free wifi. And the dog. Awww.
the dog is staring at you there :) !