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Because I really felt like continuing this. Hope you guys are as eager as me!!! >Chapter 1 Foreword: Namjoon has always had a crush on Jin but never knew how he felt about it. But when Jin finally confesses to him he rejects him and breaks his heart. A year has gone by and Namjoon still regrets his decision. What happens when he meets Jin again?
Namjoon's apartment was silent. The only sound in the room came from the clink of an empty glass hitting the table once again. Despite the many warnings from Suga about the damages, Namjoon was drinking again. But he didnt care for Suga's sympathy, nor his other friend J-Hope who constantly called him to check on him. His throat burned as he gulped down what was probably his 4th bottle. He didn't care for much these days anyway.. A year had passed since that incident occurred and it was clear to see that Namjoon was still suffering because of it. After getting fired from his job, he secluded himself from the world. He even blew off all his underground rap group he had with his closest friends, Hoseok and Yoongi. They immediately noticed their friend's change in behavior. It took them a month to even convince him to meet them at a nearby restaurant for lunch. Namjoon wasn't sure why he agreed. *** Needless to say they were horrified at their rap mate's appearance. His hair was a mess after not being cut for a while. His eyes were red and bloodshot from the soju and had black rings because of the lack of sleep. And from the smell of it he hadn't had a shower for a while. "Whats happened to you Namjoon?" Suga asked immediately. They had finally got him out of that probably filthy apartment and they wanted answers. Namjoon held am empty state and answered with a simple "Its complicated." He could see Suga's dissatisfaction with his answer but ignored it. "You know I won't accept that answer. It has to be something serious for it to affect you this much." Suga said annoyed at RapMon answer.
J-Hope decided to ease the tension. "Come on guys let's just order something for now. I'm starving!!" he declared and made a face. Suga and J-Hope placed their orders. The waitress looked at Namjoon who was still silent. J-Hope gazed at him and seeing that he wasn't going to order, he ordered for him. "He'll have what im having. Thanks." Suga sighed. "Namjoon you have to help us help you. Neither of us like seeing you like this." He stared at Namjoon trying to make eye contact. Namjoon couldn't hold his gaze against Suga. He know he's acting like a child but it went so much deeper than that. He had a chance of true love and blew it. "It's that guy isn't it? What was his name again?" J-Hope snapped Namjoon out of his thoughts. His shoulders tensed at the mention of his crush. Suga looked at J-Hope with a curious gaze. "Ahh...I think I know who you're talking about. Hmmmm...i don't remember much about him. Except that he was really girly." Namjoon balled his fists as J-Hope laughed. "Oh right!! Wasn't his favorite color pink or something?" The table almost toppled over because of how fast Namjoon rose from his seat. "His name is Jin you jerks.." he growled. Both shocked at the sudden outburst Suga and J-Hope didn't even hear what Namjoon had said. "What's the problem?" Suga asked. "His name is JIN!! KIM SEOKJIN!!!! The only person in this world I've ever loved." Namjoon was crying now. "He gave his love to me and i rejected it like a fool. I was nothing more than a coward. That decision now haunts me every single day of my life. J-Hope and Suga only stared as Namjoon walked out the restaurant. Namjoon wiped the tears from his eyes and proceeded to walk back home. He needed to rest. He couldn't handle Suga and J-Hope talking about Jin like that and had to leave.
He continued the walk home and saw something that took his breath away. There riding down his street was a pink car. Namjoon couldn't believe his eyes as the car rode slowly by him and his knees began to feel weak. There was a chaffuer in the front but Namjoon had no interest that. He looked in the backseat and saw him. It was only a brief second but Namjoon could've sworn Jin had saw him. The car continued down the road. Namjoon watched it until it dissapeared from sight. Finally after one year, the Pink Princess had returned. Namjoon took out his phone and hesitantly dialed a number.
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This didn't bore me for one second and it was not too long. I hope your other chapters are as long as this one.
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