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To start off this card, I'm going to switch around the requirements of the day. Normally this would be "an anime you're ashamed you enjoyed" but I'm switching it to "animes you've seen and are ashamed by the unholiness that occurs within". So the anime I'm going to choose would be Boku no Pico. Now I've only seen the first episode, and I'm never watching it again. It's just a pedophiliac nightmare of hard yaoi. And I want no part in it. Hell I'm not even posting a picture from that nasty anime. Instead take a chibi Asuna and Caramelladansen art online picture.
It's a warning actually @ReadOrDie
It's a link to a card where Boku no Pico is mentioned, nothing said about it really, it's to help the people I promise
For any of you who have see this show, please check out this link.
lol @Alletaire , yea I finally read the link :P
@Alletaire I've tried very hard to dodge this one lol. so no I haven't checked the link :P it worries me so...hahah
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