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I think I'll go with Charizard on this one. @VinMcCarthy
He's always been one of my most favorite pokemon.
Past Charmander at least, never cared for his first stage, but once you get that out of the way he becomes a great pokemon.
And I guess this is fan art or something, no idea where it came from otherwise. But if Charizard could transform into this... It truly would mans best friend. ^_^
Charizard is just plain awesome, strong, got that flame breath, can fly.. oh yeah, did I forget to mention he's a Dragon! Who hasn't wanted a dragon for pet at least at some point in your life??
@LivingDeadGuy Good luck soldier!
whoaaarghh maji de??? this is new to me.... well I'm off on an adventure to find new and exciting pokemon 馃榾 (...manga)
@JayAndre Though mega Charizard is. Well one of them. I don't have one. I gots mega Blastoise. But Charizard is my favorite Pok茅mon.
@LivingDeadGuy I've been told there are mangas that more like that. Might be worth looking into
That would be bad ass! @LivingDeadGuy
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