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Watch "Fairy Tailᴴᴰ Etherious Flame Dragon God Slayer Natsu Dragneel vs God Ankhseram Theory フェアリーテイル" on YouTube -
What if it was deomon slayer magic ?
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@randysqwishy23 one punch man lol
2 years ago·Reply
@KennethKalgren ohhhh yeah i havent gotten into watching thatbjust yet. honestly I think natsu could take at minimum a few hits from 1 punch because of all of the stuff that he has taken already would actually be on par with him. imagine getting hit by jellals celestial comet attack... or any of the other final battle ppl in the arcs
2 years ago·Reply
@randysqwishy23 but none of those have the power to vaporize half the universe
2 years ago·Reply
@randysqwishy23 that's the authors official statement as to how strong siatama is lmfao
2 years ago·Reply
ok im gonna have to actually get involved with watching this show and see whats actually happening.
2 years ago·Reply