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Comment a bunch of anime's I should watch and I'll do a review or rant on them on my page. Open to all genres :) Cherrrichan
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Tokyo Ghoul, Wolf's Rain, Darker Than Black, Hellsing Ultimate, Uraboku, Air Gear, Yu Yu Hakusho, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Akame Ga Kill, Karas, Ergo Proxy, Elfen Lied, D. Gray-man, Evangelion (the movies), Canaan, Deadman Wonderland, Black Butler
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one of my fav. is "sekai ichi hatsukoi" lots a romance
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I was going to comment some stuff but based on what's written above I'm not needed. Lol
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Parasyte was an awesome anime! If you enjoy horror anime like that, then Future Diary and DeathNote would be interesting to you.
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parasyte was good i liked it.
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