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@VinMcCarthy Tetsuya #2 is so cute! I just would love to cuddle and play with this little puppy all day.
Tetsuya #2's personality is so much like Kuroko. It's phenomenal! haha (X in his little jersey and everything! The Cutest!
Dawww, #2 is so adorable. And the fact he's like a mini tetsu is just cute as can be. <3333 Great choice.
@Danse I know right?! I just love when he makes appearances in episodes and it's so upsetting and a little hilarious that Taiga doesn't care for #2.
@tbell2 Omg when Tetsu picks #2 up and chases after Kagami I laughed SO hard. It's hilarious that he's afraid of that cute little ball of fur. Or any dog for that matter. xD
@Danse literally the best! (: I also love Ao the squirrel from Akatsuki no Yona (: he is literally also cute.