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So this is what happens when I start to write love stories xD bear with me if its to mushy >~ Chapter 1: "I love you." A voice said holding my cheek with his hands and looking into my eyes." It was dark, and I couldn't see his face, but I know....that I know that voice. I know I've heard it before. "Mia...." He breathed, his ice cold breath falling on my lips and I looked back to him not really knowing what to say. Do I love him? I don't know....I don't even know who this man is. "Mia!" His eyes widened as I suddenly felt weak and my knees buckled as I was going to fall, but he caught me in his arms. I felt something wet on his chest, but it wasn't raining. "Stay with me Mia! Don't die! Don't die on me! Not like this." He said panicking saying the last part softly. "Two can play this game my friend." I heard a darker voice say. " You killed him....someone close to me, and now you... If you didn't regret your decision before you surely would now." He called giving me an involuntary shiver down my spine. Now who is he? What is going on here? Why were the streets so empty? It's late, but it can't be that late...could it. My mind raced as I heard the gun go off again and I jolted awake to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing. Now the only thing touching my cheek was sweat and a couple strands of my hair. "Him again?" I asked myself as my mother called my room again." Mia!!! Wake up! Your going to be late again!!!" She called and I leaped out of bed forgetting all about my dream long enough to quickly put on my shirt with my overalls, and tying my black hair back into a ponytail. I put my hand to my mouth and blew on it to see how bad my breath was. I winced when the smell got to my nose. "Yeah this is definitely safe. If I'm trying to become an accidental assassin." I rolled my eyes and hurried to the bathroom to brush my teeth and then hurriedly flushed my mouth with mouthwash. "Mia!!! Are you up?!" My mother called again, and I ran to my room grabbing my book bag running out of the room and almost tripping on air. Then I ran half way down the stairs before jumping off and landing on the ground. Walking into the kitchen I saw my mother holding out a plate of buttered toast that I put in my mouth instantly as I jogged in place. "You were sleeping like a log again today." She said and looked at my younger step sister jazz who was just finishing up her toast, but she was making a mess with the jam. "Jazzy you're making a mess again." I said taking a towel and wetting it wiping around the sides of her face. Jazz was 5 and just was starting kindergarten. She had black short scruffy hair and ocean blue eyes. Sort of like me, but my hair is long. It goes all the way down to the bottom of my back. My step father came down stairs and my mother handed him a cup of coffee, and he kissed her on the cheek. "One, two, three....three beautiful girls all to me. I could say this makes it a beautiful morning." He smiled, and my mother blushed while my sister giggled and I finished off my toast grabbing another. It's not that I didn't like my step father, but my mother and he had only been together for a year before she had decided to remarry. There's nothing bad about him. I just haven't known him long enough to consider him my "father." Mom wants me to call him dad to get used to it though. " Well I'm happy your happy, but we have to go now.." I kissed his cheek and began heading out as my step father kissed jazzy and she hopped out of her chair following me, and mom to the car. Author: Well that is the first chapter! Let me know what you think! I was super nervous about posting it >~ If you like it though please vote and comment, because I love feedback! Link: You know in case you actually liked reading it xD there's the link ^^^^