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What's up, my fellow Otakus & Weeaboos. Today, we'll be making an debate on who can beat the recent new amazing anime character, Saitama. Honestly, think out the box, guys. HE is human with amazing strength and speed, there's so much anime characters that can defeat him but the underground/ a few anime characters that CAN beat him. -Please, comment your opinons & like. Note: Anybody can argue on this, it's a debate.
BEFORE WE TALK & DEBATE. These are the rules... #1- If you wanna debate on this topic, choose a side. #OPM ( For Saitama.) #DAU (Different Anime Universe.) #2- Explain your anime character, how this anime character can beat Saitama or how Saitama can beat etc... #3- Spit out your character abilities, explain his/her traits, explain his/her plan to beat Saitama. Same thing for Saitama side. Note- I'm on #DAU. & I'm updating everyday on this.
ACCELERATOR- Accelerator from A Certain Magical Index is the perfect opponent to go against him. No matter how strong Saitama's punches are, he'll just redirect them and Saitama will end up beating himself up. His abilities. -Reflecting hits. -Extreme strength - Ability to fly. -Erosions. Etc. Main reason why I said Accelerator can beat Saitama is because any hit Saitama brings to Accelerator, he can honestly reflecting his hit anytime. Honestly, he makes Saitama a laughing joke if he's fighting a God like Accelerator.
RYNER LUTE- He got the ability to erase enemies from existences by using his eyes. He can turn Saitama and the battlefield to dust. If he unleash his inner dark abilities then he can erase the world. Ryner Lute maybe not an god level character but unleashing the inner power Alpha Stigma can turn himself into an god. Abilities- Alpha Stigma.
OGAMI REI: Despite the fact Saitama can run threw flames. Ogami Rei flames is a special flame name Satan Blaze. He can us this flame around himself as a shield and if Saitama attempt to hit it, he'll be erase as well. In the manga, he can unleash 7 flames but Saitama can surpass those flames besides SATAN BLAZE. remember, Saitama is human with amazing strength and speed. Ogami can just turn the battlefield by using this flame only. Abilities- Satan Blaze, Belphegor flames, Leviathan flames etc.
MISOGI KUMAGAWA- He's also can erase people by using An ability called "All Fiction". All his abilities can't stop Saitama. IT'S Risky if he used this ability because he can't control this sort of power, if he messed up, there's a possibility that he can DIE by Saitama .
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@KilljoyExorcist Well we see Saitama in the anime punching peoples punches and they blow up and die too so that might be the case for Goku. But like you said, Goku could just use Instant Transmission and send Saitama to space. Saitama is super strong, but he is only human. I am excited to see if in the future Saitama does get way stronger than right now though. It might be a game changer
@OfficialYadiel Yeah, but after thinking about it, I personally don't think Saitama could ever beat Goku. The whole sending him to space thing just seems way too easy for Goku to do, no matter how strong he gets lol
@KilljoyExorcist A twist to One Punch Man. He's actually just a bald saiyan like Nappa πŸ˜‚
@OfficialYadiel YES πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@OfficialYadiel I think he is !