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EXO: marry, date, friend zone?
If you could choose three people from Exo (even from the Original 12), who would you marry, date, and friend zone? The last one is usually "kill", but we all know that in every Korean drama there is one guy who gets friend zoned no matter what 馃槀 Comment your choices!! 馃榿
I would: Marry chanyeol Date Kai And friend zone baekhyun
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Marry Sehun, date Luhan and friend zone Xiumin because he's my friend's bias!
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Hmmm... I would Marry ~ Minseok Date ~ Junmyeon Friend Zone ~ Kyungsoo
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marry: Tao date: Suho friendzone: Chen
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marry Kai, date Suho friend zone Baekhyun
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Marry: Chanyeol Date: Chen Friendzone: Jongin because I birthed him, he is my son. However, Kai on the otherhand can get it lol (one night stand anybody?).
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