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(WARNING: Tears ahead. This isn't romance, it's just a story. I was feeling emo because of the red fairy so I wrote this story. I read back on it and cried my eyes out. It's very emotional. Hope you like it. Sorry for the feels.)
"Hyungwon.....Hyungwon~~" I heard her small voice call. I ran into the room and looked at her. I sighed and walked to her bed side. "Yes, MaiBug?" I asked her, softly. "Will you sing me a song?" The little girl jumped in her bed. "But, you should be asleep. Didn't you take your medicine?" I asked her. "Yeah, I did. But I want you to sing me a song. Please, Oppa!!" She begged. I looked into her eyes and immediately gave in. I couldn't deny my yeodongsaeng* of her wishes. I grabbed my guitar and sat in the little stool by her bed. She snuggled into her bed with her little Pikachu teddy. I started strumming my guitar. "What would you like me to sing?" I ask her. "Moonbeams and Starlights." She names her favorite lullaby from her little kiddie show. I shake my head and clear my throat. ~~Moonbeams and starlights. Magical twilights. The warmest rain. Hear it whispering your name. Rainbows at midnight. Sparkling Night Skys. Don't go away. Stay another day.~~ I looked up from my guitar and saw her sleeping face. Content and innocent. I sigh and start to gather my things. "Aww. Sweetie. You're still here?" I turned around and saw Nurse SunKwan standing there, with her clipboard. "Yes, ma'am. I just got done singing her a lullaby." I stroke her hair and she smiles. I smile sadly. "Honey. You should get home. It's late." She walks over to me and help me gather my things. She has a worried expression on her face. "I'm sorry. I just couldn't leave without helping her go to sleep. HyunMai just gets so lonely." I look over at her. "You are such a sweetheart. You visit your little sister everyday and take care of her." She smiles at me. "Well....she doesn't have much time. I want to spend as much time possible with her." I feel a tear slip down my cheek. "You really love her, don't you?" I nod and pick up my backpack and guitar case. I walk to her bed side. Machines beeping steadily. I kissed her forehead. "I love you. Sleep tight, MaiBug." I walk away and out of the patient room. I start to walk out of the hospital. I walked home slowly, thinking of my little sister. I hope she is okay. When I got home, I turned on the living room lights and saw my mom asleep on the couch. She must have been waiting for me. "Eomma*...." I mutter. She sits up and sees me. She smiles. "'re home. Are you hungry, sweetie?" She asked, standing up. Her face contorted slightly, I bet she has been on her feet all day. I walk over and help my mom stand. "No. I'm fine. I'll just make some ramyun. Aren't you tired? You should get to bed." I helped my mom upstairs to her room and into her bed. I helped her out of her shoes and covered her frail body with the blanket. "Sleep well, eomma." I kiss her cheek and walk out of her room, closing her door softly. I walk downstairs and lock the front door. I then make myself my ramyun. I eat silently and go through the mail. Medical bills and utility bills. I shake my head and throw away my empty ramyun bowl. I sift through the bills, trying to figure out how to make it work. I fall asleep at the dinner table. The next morning, I am awoken by the ringing phone. I get up and rub my eyes. I grab the phone and answer. "Yes." "Is this the Chae residence?" I hear a man ask on the other side. "Yes, it is." I reply, sitting up and running a hand through my hair. "It's HyunMai. She has stopped breathing......" "What...." I feel my body grow numb. "I'm sorry but....she is dead." The man sighed. He must have felt sympathy. "I....I dont.....what?" I can't comprehend what he said. "Sir....would you like to talk about some funeral plans? We can patch you into our....." I dropped the phone and grabbed my jacket. I ran and ran to the hospital as fast as I can. This can't be real. My vision grew blurry as tears seeped down and the cold wind stung my face. No....this can't be real. "Where is she?!? Where is my little sister?!?" I yell as I barge into the sliding doors. Nurses looked at me in shock. "Hyungwon-ssi?" I heard SunKwan say. I turn to look at her. She saw that I was crying. "Oh honey." She walked over to me and took my face in her hands. "I'm so sorry about HyunMai. We did everything we could." "I want to see her." I cry softly. She nods and guides me to HyunMai's room. I saw her lying on the bed, lifeless. The machines turned off. I walked in and over to her bed side. I took her small, cold hand into mine. The cold burned my hand. Tears slipped down my cheeks quickly. My knees gave out from under me. I kneel by her bed side and bury my face in the sheets by her. I cried for my little sister. I wanted my little sister back. "I will leave you alone for a moment." I hear her shuffle away. I looked up and saw her innocent face. It was pale and lack luster. I blinked away my ears and sighed shakily. ~~Flashback~~ "Oppa?" I heard her soft voice. "Yes, HyunMai?" I looked down at her. She turned to me. "Do we go to heaven when we die?" She asks. I looked up into the sky. "I dont know....I sure hope so." I smile down at her. "I'm pretty sure you will go there too, Hyungwon-oppa!!" She shouts happily. "Shh~" I playfully shush her. She gasp and giggles. "I'm pretty sure you will go to heaven, Hyungwon-oppa. " She repeats, quietly. I chuckle and hug her. "You will too, HyunMai-ssi." She hugs back. "You think so?" I nod. "I know so." She smiles. "I love you, keun-hyeong*." She whispers. "I love you too, MaiBug." ~~Flashback ends~~ I look at her again. "Well at least, you can find out if heaven does exist... I hope you like it. I will see you there some day." I smile and let another tear slip. "I love you, MaiBug." I grip her hand slightly. (BTW : Yeodongsaeng=little sister Kuen-hyeong=Big brother. Eomma=Mom And this story is completely made up. I apoligize for the feels again.)
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