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Can you guess who my bias is?
Lee Joo Heon!
I think he has a GREAT balance of sexy and cute
He is very funny!
And when he raps........JUST DAMN!
Bonus: His voice in the beginning of Flower Cafe, MY JAW HIT THE GROUND AND I DIED. I didn't know his voice and English could be so ME-OW! *last 2 MV not for our younger friends.
I Iove Jooheon! He's my bias wrecker/baby of he group he is soo adorable his ayego is the death of me and his rapping......too perfect
This is awesome Dani! Remind me later and I'll flood you with jooheon pics I have!
@AimeeH thank you! I had fun making it. I loved yours too. especially the pics where where i.m. is being so comforting.
@Tigerlily84 That's awesome dear! Thank you!! Yes I.M is the babeh!! He's a precious man