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7 Day Monsta X Challenge
Can you guess who my bias is?
Lee Joo Heon!
I think he has a GREAT balance of sexy and cute
He is very funny!
And when he raps........JUST DAMN!
Bonus: His voice in the beginning of Flower Cafe, MY JAW HIT THE GROUND AND I DIED. I didn't know his voice and English could be so ME-OW! *last 2 MV not for our younger friends.
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I Iove Jooheon! He's my bias wrecker/baby of he group he is soo adorable his ayego is the death of me and his rapping......too perfect
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This is awesome Dani! Remind me later and I'll flood you with jooheon pics I have!
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@AimeeH thank you! I had fun making it. I loved yours too. especially the pics where where i.m. is being so comforting.
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@Tigerlily84 That's awesome dear! Thank you!! Yes I.M is the babeh!! He's a precious man
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