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Suga Swag Saturday: Min YoonGi Day! ❤️😍

*fan girl scream* OMG where to start with this one. YoonGi is my Ultimate Bias Wrecker in BTS no matter how many times my Bias list changes, Suga is ALWAYS at the very top of everyone. Well enough ranting. Let's see why he is my UBW!
First of... Those pouting lips, and kissy faces! Total adorable! Pt. 1
Pt. 2 *sigh* ☺️☺️😊🙈❤️💕
And then those smiles tho!!! *screams* 😳😳☺️☺️😍😍
Mr. SWAG uses ALL of him to show his sexiness! From just a facial expression to body movements to sticking his tongue out... OMG *screams* *faints*
He makes simple picture poses look HOT!
I swear... He looks like a freaking ANGEL!
And here are 23 more reasons why i love this guy!
I could post more but i have reached the limit of pictures and videos for this card. Anyways, thank you for viewing this card and showing love to it. I know i posted this one later than the other ones. And before I forget, I want to thank everyone that tagged me in their card for Jin and all previous ones as well.
We got one more day! Tomorrow is Jung HoSeok (J-Hope) Day. Make sure to stop by tomorrow! Only 2 more days before album drops guys!!! Who is excited!? Who is ready? I know I'm no 🙈😳 I'm positive that if the concept photos and teasers didn't kill me, the album will...
Saw your card and thought you might like this @AlmaRangel
@BAbrajanl Thank you!༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ
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4 year anniversary of Talking Body Q&A
tomorrow will be 4 years since I wrote Talking Body and I know its been awhile since most of you have read. I never done this before but I wanted to try and do a Q&A for this story. like what parts of the story was your favorite? or what would you like to see more or added to the story? or general questions like where I got the idea or whatever you just want to ask. I am hoping to get a lot of you to comment your questions and I either create a card with everyone's questions and my answers or I just reply to your comments. its what is up to you. in other news. with the help from you guys if possible tell me what you would like to see or added I have been working on updating and revamping the story. For the past 4 years I kept thinking about adding a few things here and there. taking things out or improving them. please comment below with questions. I know some of you haven't been on here for awhile. I'm the same way. ever since I wrote Talkong Body I've been having a hard time just writing another story or finishing the ones I writing. if you need a refresher or you a new to the story you can gonto my page click on the Talking Body folder and read from there. Talking Body Tag list (tagging the best supporters during the time i wrote this story.) @BAPSBABY @YessicCardenas @KeraDelatorre @BTSxEXO @MaritessSison @jiminakpop @GeniferEskue @divanicola05 @weendy @nydasm @JessicaFigueroa @MsLoyalHeart @MaggieHolm @CristinBarnes @chenisbaekasy