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13th day for @VinMcCarthy's Nani November card challenge and the question was 'who/what would you choose as your companion?'. Well, this would have been another double card for me, but fortunately I already made a card for my widdle Nine-Tailed Fox, Kurama, so this card can be all for one critter! Say hello to my choice of anime animal companion, the adorable Cat Sidhe, Kuro!
From the moment I first saw Kuro, I loved him! A cute, 2-tailed cat deity with odd horn ridges on his head, we are first introduced to Kuro when he became fierce and unmanageable after finding out his handler, Shiro, had died. Rin, Shiro's foster-son, and Satans actual son, with his awakened demon powers, was able to hear and understand Kuro, and explain that Shiro had died protecting Rin, and that Rin felt his loss as much as Kuro did. Kuro reverted back to his small form then, and in the most depressing and tear-ensuing scene I've seen in anime, cried, mourning his loss! I swear, every time I watch that scene, I feel I need to reach into the computer and hug Kuro tight and reassure him!
Kuro then became Rins companion, loving and helping him overcome tragedy and hardship as he fought to control his demonic powers and become strong enough to defeat Satan. Kuro is very strong when he changes into his larger demonic form, and is also able to fly. He is fierce and extremely loyal. But, unlike a lot of characters, he is allowed to get scared and let his fear overcome him, to the point where he flees, leaving Rin in a battle. However, he subsequently overcomes that fear and resolutely returns to Rin to help him, and his twin, Yukio, save Asaya (?) the world of the living from getting completely overrun with demons.
Kuro is also very fun (and sake) loving! He and Rin have a great scene when Rin is in a bit of a rut, thinks himself out of it, then goes on to 'practice' with Kuro, he and Rin commencing in a mock battle with Rin wielding a bokken and Kuro transforming into his demonic form. Kuro is able to smile and play and can talk via telepathy to Rin, which is a very cool ability. I would love to be able to talk to my companion and understand how they feel or get their opinions, even if I'd have to be part demon to do it! He can also be very cat-like, and he is always looking up and encouraging Rin, or else getting into some mischief with his equally playful and impish master. Overall, he is seriously cute, hilarious, and has great depth as a character, and I love him! He may not be a pet, but I'm hoping he'd be my amazing, adorable companion!
Thanks, @VanessaShivers !