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It's crazy how your life can change in just a short period of time. Just last week I was wondering how (Y/N) was doing, and now I'm spending time with my daughter. I had always planned to get married first before having a child of my own but things do happen and honestly I'm not upset about it. She's still my little miracle even though I haven't been there for her. Well I will make a promise to myself that I will do whatever it takes to be here or there for my daughter starting today. Even if (Y/N) doesn't want me there I will be there.
I run my fingers through Hyun-Ae's hair and watch her sleep peacefully. We're currently sitting in the back of a taxi on our way to a ice cream shop, but Hyun-Ae fell asleep wit her head on my lap. How could I have been so stupid? Well, can I really blame myself? I didn't know that she was pregnant. I guess the good thing is that I have her in my life now and I'm going to stay in her's, only if she wants me to.
"Ya, Hyun-Ae, we have arrived." I wake her softly skimming my hand on her face. "Wake up, Hyun-Ae." I say softly.
"No, can't I just stay with you."Hyun-Ae says with her eyes still closed.
"I meant that we are here at the ice cream shop." I smile at her.
"Can we go with the oppas?"
"OPPAS? What do you mean 'oppas'?"
"Your hyung and dongsaengs." She simply says. "I don't want ice cream anymore." She sits up and taps on the taxi drivers shoulder. "Ahjussi, can you take us to his place."
Once I gave the man the address we were off once again. Hyun-Ae layed back down with her head on my lap; then she was fast asleep. She's so beautiful, just like her mother. I run my fingers through her hair again and she lets out a sigh and smiles. She even has the same smile as her mother, does she have anything from me?
We arrive to the dorms and I carry Hyun-Ae out of the cab with her lion that she wanted; no I'm not that crazy to get her a real one. "Ya, ya, ya hold the door." I tell the person that is walking out of the dorm. I slip through with Hyun-Ae and thank the man. I walk down the hall to the elevator and hit the up button with my right elbow.
I finally arrive to the door but with Hyun-Ae being big already I can't open the handle! "Hyun-Ae wake up." I say quietly. She groans and stays asleep. "Aish." I lean her gently against the door and search for my keys in my pockets. "Ani." I say when I hear the door knob rattle. "Ani, ani!" I try to get a hold of Hyun-Ae but the door opens and she falls to the ground.
"OMO!" BamBam kneels down immediately to pick up a crying Hyun-Ae.
"Why did you open the door?!" I exclaim.
"How was I supposed to know that you were out there!" BamBam says. "Yeah, Hyun-Ae, gwaenchanh-a Oppa is sorry for your stupid daddy." BamBam bounces her up and down in his arms trying to calm her.
"Gwaenchanh-a, Hyun-Ae?" Youngjae asks when he joins us. "Aish, these idiots. Come one Hyun-Ae, Oppa will make the pain go away." Youngjae takes Hyun-Ae in his arms and walks into the kitchen for an ice pack.
"OPPA?! YA! WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO CALL YOURSELVES HER OPPA!" I yell at the 'oppas' and smack BamBam upside the head for dropping Hyun-Ae.
"AISH!" BamBam rubs his head and we walk into the living area.
"Ya, Hyun-Ae I give you permission to hit BamBam." I say sitting next to her on the couch.
"BamBam Oppa didn't do anything wrong." Hyun-Ae takes the ice pack off of her head. "It was you, Jackson.' She sticks her tongue out at me.
"Mwo?! Me! Why is it my fault?" I poke her tummy causing her to giggle.
"You could have made me stand up instead of causing me to fall." AISH this girl, exactly like her mother. "JB OPPA!" Hyun-Ae runs over to JB who just walked into the dorm.
"Annyeong Hyun-Ae~" JB lifts Hyun-Ae into his arms.
"Oppa~, that Ahjussi over there gave me a boo boo." Hyun-Ae points at me and pouts.
"YA! I did no such thing." I walk over to them and grab onto JB arm and try to do my best aegyo. "Hyung~, it was BamBam's fault! Hyung~ you believe me right?"
"MWO?! NAEGA?! WAE?! YA! Jackson why are you blaming me! You're the one that had her against the door."BamBam says from the ktichen.
"YA! You are the one who opened the door." I tell my dongsaeng.
Why haven't they come home yet? No not 'they'; why hasn't he returned my daughter home. It's nearly her bed time!
"(Y/N), I'm positive that they're okay. Jackson is old enough to watch over himself." Mark says from the couch.
"Are we talking about the same Jackson? The Jackson that I know sleeps with a night light because he's afraid that the Grudge will come and get him." I say truthfully.
"Touchè." Mark sits up and pulls out his phone from his pocket. "Yugyeom, is Jackson and Hyun-Ae back yet?" Mark says an okay here and there and all of a sudden they start talking about movies.
"So, where's my daughter?" I ask.
"They just got back like about about an hour or to go..."
"Hurry up and get your shoes on we have to go NOW!" I say grabbing my purse.
"Just let them spend time together, (Y/N), it's not like he's going to be her forever. You are the mother." Mark says. "Plus, you should see this as an opportunity to go out and have fun. You and I should go get dinner since we've been busy these past seven years with Hyun-Ae." Mark suggests. "How does that sound?"
I was hungry and it would be fun to spend some time to relax and not worry about Hyun-Ae. "I guess that'll be okay." I admit.
"OK!" He jumps out of the couch and give me two thumbs up. "I'll go get dressed at the dorm and I'll pick you up, okay? Wear one of the dresses that I've bought you." He kisses my head and leaves the dorm without another word.
I open my closet and scoot all of my clothes forward to get to the clothes that Mark has bought me for my birthday.
"How do I look?" I ask my dongsaengs.
"WOW~" Everyone exlaims.
"Mwo? Is it too much? Should I change out of it?" I ask quickly and turn back towards my room.
"Aniyo, it look great, Abba." Hyun-Ae gives me a thumbs up.
"How about the makeup? Did I do good for my firs time?" I ask looking at the mirror. Aish I feel so nervous I can feel my palms beginning to sweat.
"Ne, you can't even see a scratch." Junior says.
"Who are you taking out?" Yugyeom asks me.
"Uh...just a friend." I look in the mirror and begin to fix my necktie.
"Do we know her?" JB asks this time.
"OMO! Ahjussi are you really?" Hyun-Ae looks at me with a happy expression.
"Mwo? Why are you smiling like that?" I ask Hyun-Ae.
She skips over to be and gestures for me to squat down, so I do so. She gets close to my ear and covers the side of her mouth so no one can see. "Is it Eomma?"
"YA! How did you know?" I shoot up straight.
"Jinjja?! You're really taking her out?!" Hyun-Ae is smiling from ear to ear.
"That's not fair I want to know." BamBam whines from beside Youngjae.
"Are you seriously going to put me through this?" Jackson sadly asks.
"Mwo?" I ask.
"WOW~ JINJJA!" JB stands up immediately with a shocked expression.
"Mwo~~~~ I want to know~~~~!!!"BamBam throws his shoulders around in a fit.
"NEO MICHYEOSS-EO?!" Jackson explodes.
"Hyung, you're seriously going to take (Y/N) out for dinner?" JB says.
"OH MY GOD!" BamBam exclaims.
"WOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Younjae shouts out.
"OMO!!!" Yugyeom yells out with the other two members.
"I WAS RIGHT!" BamBam pumps a fist as if he won a race.
"YA! The three of you sit down and shut up!" Our leader yells.
"Ne~" Our young members sit down with a smirk on their face and snicker among each other.
I begin to head for the door but then Jackson and JB stop me from leaving.
~Sorry for the delay I should be arriving in a minute or two.~
I lock my phone once I read Mark's text and head down to the lobby to wait for him there. When I reach the bottom Mark was already at the man entrance with a single white rose in his hand and with his gorgeous white smile.
"Wow." Mark says with wide eyes.
"Is this too much? I'll go back up and change. I won't take long." I turn on my heels about to head back to the elevator, but Mark grabs hold of my wrist.
"No, you look beautiful. I feel like I'm over dressed." Mark chuckles.
"You look very handsome." I admit.
Mark hands me the rose and I thank him. "Ready?" I nod my head and hook my arm through his and he escorts me out to his car.
"I've never seen your car nor have I seen you drive. I'm a bit nervous now." I joke with him. I'm used to him being driven around in the black van or taking a taxi. Was it really necessary for me to wear the coat? Great now you look like an idiot, way to go (Y/N). Mark probably thinks that you are over dressed but he just didn't want to be rude. When we get outside my breath is literally stolen away by the beautiful machine that roared in front of me. How did he get such a beautiful car? Does he really own this? Is he renting it for the night? Mark opens up the passenger for me and I scoot in. Is this a date? I thought we were just going out for dinner. Does Mark like me? OMO! What am I going to do? If I knew this was I date I would've dressed better! AISH I look so ugly right now compared to those actresses and models that ride in vehicles like these. "Is everything okay?" Mark asks me from the drivers seat. "Oh yeah everything is fine." I smile. "Where are we going?" "I made a last minute reservation at (FANCY RESTAURANT)." "WHAT? How did you get a reservation there? I heard that people make reservations like months or even years ahead." Is being a K-Pop Idol that good of a life? Maybe I should become an Idol even if I can't sing, rap, or dance. I can be the visual, right? Mark says nothing so I just look out of the window watching the lights of the building that we drive by. Mark drives to the front of the restaurant and gets out of the car walking over to my side to open the door. The valet worker and Mark make a trade with the key to his car and the ticket to receive his car. I hook my arm with Mark's once again as we make our way into the restaurant. I can honestly say that I feel like freaking Cinderella going to a ball, which is dinner.
"What are you think they're doing?" Jackson asks Hyun-Ae.
"Shhh your going to lead them to us if you keep talking." Hyun-Ae whispers.
"Well you're talking right now as well." Jackson points out.
"Honestly, Hyun-Ae, do you think your mom is enjoying herself?"
"Ya, Abeoji, if you keep thinking about it you're just going to make it worse in your mind." Hyun-Ae peeks around the corner from they are currently at.
"I know but I just can't help-" Jackson was cut off by Hyun-Ae little hand covering his mouth.
"10! Ready or not here I come."Junior says from the kitchen. He stretches out his arms to find the furniture to help guide him around the dorm. "Okay, first clap." Junior stays silent and listens carefully for the claps.
Claps are heard all over the dorm but Junior singles one out and start heading towards that direction. He gets on his knees and begins to crawl so he won't trip and fall.
"AISH!" Junior rubs the front of his head and stretches out his arms and finds that a table was right in front of him.
"Hyun-Ae~~ What do you think they're doing?" It was true when they say 'Curiosity killed the cat.' It was emotionally killing Jackson to know what Mark and (Y/N) were doing during dinner. "Did your 'Abba' say that it was a date?"
"Abeoji~" Hyun-Ae whines and puts her index finger in front of her lips for his to hush up.
"Okay. Okay, I'll stop asking." Jackson says and slouches on the floor where Hyun-Ae and him were hiding.
Youngjae let's out a laugh which catches Junior's attention. "Ya, you shouldn't have laughed because now I'm coming for you." Junior says.
"Ya, you should word that correctly." Younjae laughs.
"Pervert!" Junior says and runs his hands against the wall guiding his way to Younjae.
"Found you." Junior says.
"How did you like your dinner?" Mark asks you ask he cuts a piece off from the slice of cake.
"To be honest with you it was quite delicious." I admit. I was thinking that it was going to be like those fancy dinners that are so expensive that it's very little food and doesn't taste all that good. I a cut piece of my cheesecake and enjoy the delicious flavor as I chew it. Tonight was quite enjoyable. Mark was himself and I was myself so it didn't feel like a date, which I was really thankful for.
"Shall we return to Hyun-Ae?" Mark asks when he gets his receipt. I nod my head and scoot out of the chair. Mark helps me with my coat and we make our way out of the restaurant.
Mark opens the car door for me then settles into the driver seat. He turns on the radio and BTS 'Just One Day' was playing. I looked at the window looking at the beautiful South Korea night while quietly singing along.
Mark and (Y/N) arrived at the dorms to pick up Hyun-Ae. He drove down into the basement to park the car then they took the elevator upstairs to GOT7's floor.
"This is the longest that I've been away from Hyun-Ae." You say when the elevator gets closer and closer to your destination. When the elevator arrives tot he floor you happily get out of the lift and make your way down the hall. "When I see Hyun-Ae I'm going to embrace her in a long bear hug." You smile at Mark as you get happier each second to see your daughter.
"(Y/N)." Mark stops you before you open the door to the dorm.
"Ne?" You face Mark and wait for what he needs to say.
You look around awkwardly as Mark just stares deeply into your eyes. You begin to take a step back but Mark stops you by wrapping his right are around your waist. "M-M-Mark..." You stutter out.
"Shhh..." He moves closer to you. "Just this once, please." He cups your face gently with his left hand and leans closer to you. You pull away not wanting for this to happen. "Please." He whispers. There is no longer any space left between you two leading his lips to skim yours causing you to gasp softly. He lets his lips softly connect with yours and you, out of instinct, such your eyes.
Jackson slides down against the shut door and begins to cry silently. He felt as if he couldn't breathe. Gasping for every ounce of oxygen that can fill his lungs.
Hyun-Ae kneels next to him and kisses his cheek. "Abeoji~, please don't cry." Hyun-Ae croaks out. Jackson looks up at his daughter who is crying at the site of seeing her father heartbroken. Jackson pulls Hyun-Ae onto his lap and she wraps her arms around his neck and cries softly with her father. "Abba~, please don't cry." She cries out.
Wow this is really long haha I hope you guys enjoy this! I know I enjoy writing this for you guys. Please let me know what you Love and Hate about it ♥ If there is any misspelling I truly apologize. I have this thing where I think I typed it but I didn't or that I think of the word, but I spell it out differently; yeah I'm weird like that.
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