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{NN} Flying Ball of Fluff

If Luka wouldn't kill me, I'd totally have Sodom as my pet! He's incredibly loyal and beyond adorable! Sodom has a few different forms too.

He comes in flying Pikachu of darkness form (least that's what I call it). Also known as flying bunny or chibi dragon form.

Then there's his neko form, where head rubs are much appreciated.

His wolf form, which is great for giving enemies cuddles with his teeth.

And finally, mother freakin fire breathin dragon form!

So it should be pretty obvious as to why I pick Sodom. He can go from little flying ball of fluff to "Oh shit! That creature's gonna kill me!" pretty quickly lol

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what is this from!
2 years ago·Reply
he's so adorable!!!
2 years ago·Reply
@KaitlynMesser it's from Uraboku. Betrayal Knows My Name is the English name of it. It's a romance/action anime although the girlfriend gets reincarnated as a boy
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