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I finally got around to this and I'm going to start with A since a lot of people wanted me to do it. Let's go ahead and get started!! I hope you like it and I guess you can count this as my self introduction card as well ^__^ This picture is so bad but oh well!!
1. I have a twin. His name is William and he is actually the one who introduce me to kpop.
2. My birthday is July 15. I was born in the year 1999
3. 나는 음악을 사랑. I like all genres of music except for country but my heart belongs to kpop
4. I am 16 yrs. old
5. Yo hablo español(I speak a little Spanish!)
6. I love anime. My favorite one is fairy tail,I plan to watch Akame Ga Kill, I hear its really good.
7. My favorite color is blue. It's my spirit color and there are so many meanings to it beside sadness lol
8. I love video games. Any genre I enjoy playing, however, my favorite is fighting
9. I play the piano and clarinet! The piano is the most beautiful instrument in my opinion. You can do so many things with it
10. My parents are divorced. I live with my dad but still see my mom
11.I love my family. They are all so funny and amazing
12. I tend to lose a lot of things, usually headphones, which is not a good thing since i rarely have money to buy another one
13. My favorite Kpop groups overall are Big Bang, BTS, GOT7, SHINEE, 2NE1, and EXO. I hope to go to at least one of these groups concerts
14. I watched K-dramas. Im in the middle of "Hidden Identity", "City Hunter", and "Blood"
15.I go to high school and take college courses along with high school classes. Its hard work but after i graduate high school i will already have a two year associates degree
16. I'm not really that social. I don't talk that much unless I;m with my friends or you guys. I'm still working on trying to expand my circle of friends but its kinda hard
17. I love every kind of food!!
18. I want to be a doctor/surgeon/psychiatrist and a few other things!! I also want to visit Korea!!
19. I am a very weird person. People tend to think i am a very quiet person but once you get to know me you will see the most weirdest person you have ever seen in your whole life XD
20. I love Vingle and everybody in it!!!
Extra One:
21. Kpop has really changed my life. I honestly don't know where i would be if i haven't got into it. So many good things has happen to me thanks to Kpop!! i have made new friends, and has found things i thought i would never be interested in. I am now even more interested in what the future holds for me!!
I hope you guys enjoy this card. I will be doing the other challenges soon( I don't know when so please don't ask XD) If you have done any of these challenges, be sure to let me know!!
Anybody can do this challenge and make sure to tag me if you do it or not. I would love to see it!!
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Loved the card! I have to get around to making mine! keep up the good work in school.
Thanks @amobigbang I hope you have a great week as well @sherrysahar
@JohnEvans we are officially best friends we have everything in common, sorry I'm late i was traveling and liked your card just to show you that i sow it, I look forward to my card ㅋㅋㅋ
I love your cards and thanks for sharing
@Vixxstarlight1 sounds good lol