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BTS reaction to another member telling his crush he likes her and she confronts him
jin wouldn't know what to say .......but inside he would be secretly plotting v's death. jin:you're very pretty
namjoon would be partly mad,and then cocky. I can imagine him saying. namjoon:yeah Hoseok only told you because he was trying to embarrass me but uh lets backfire his plan,yeah?
Suva could honestly care if another member told you, he was probably about to tell you anyway. yoongi:yes yes I do I like you
Hoseok he would probably just give you a flirty look and say. hoseok:yes I do, do you have a problem with that?
you:hey taehyung jin told me you liked me, is it true? v:ehhh uhh what? jin:you told me you wouldn't tell him I said it v:*glares and starts to plot jin's death* (I just wanted to use this gif)
he would probably worry about rejection(but seriously who would reject him?). so he would look at you with sorrow and confess. jimin:I do like you and I was hoping you would be my girlfriend?
jungkook would probably laugh thinking you were joking. unfortunately for him, you weren't so he would sit there not knowing what to do. jungkook:*laughs*that's funny ,good one.....*realization and widen eyes*wait hyung actually told you?!?
that's all I wanted to do a BTS reaction and tumblr was glitching so I decided to do this on here. so if you guys want you can request on here and I'll try and post reactions everyday. I'll do whatever group you want but I suggest wait alittle bit on IKON I'm trying to get to know IKON. welllp I have to go I hoped you enjoyed this reaction card.
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@DanielleLove yay! 馃榿 ajsgdfahsh! 馃槉馃榿 I got too excited. I really loved this! 馃槶馃槶 omg!! I gotta stop. But I can't!! Ugh my imagination is my worst enemy!! 馃槶馃槶馃槚馃槱