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I don't even know how this ship even entered my mind but it did. I'm pretty sure it was because of a fanfic I read.... Nevertheless I ship these two because why not lol!!!
You can't deny that they look cute together!!
I don't even know how to feel right now...
I'm kinda seeing it right now...but...

What do you think of this ship?? Because I'm feeling conflicted right now lol

Lol I agree with you i am now conflicted too seeing these two together changes everything I thought I new about life haha
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Ahhh it's too cute but you know Jimin is the whore of the group
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....Ok now I've gone through all of the pictures and in Fangirling so hard. I SHIP
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yass I love Yoonmin ❤💚❤💚❤🙆✨ they're too cute!!
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@amobigbang it's because Jin's birthday
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