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The Secret World of Arriety is a fantastic family film filled (all that alliteration! haha) with adventure and heart. This screen play is based on the book, The Borrowers, by Mary Norton. Interestingly enough this Studio Ghibli movie was dubbed into two different versions! Disney took the reigns and also StudioCanal of the United Kingdom produced a version of the original Japanese rendition.
There are two type of people in this world: The Borrowers and the Humans. Borrowers are beings who are like Humans but smaller. They are very intelligent and resourceful. As the name entails, they borrow. They borrow items that won't really be missed. A spare needle becomes a sword. A sugar cube, a clip, a watch, and thimble are all items a borrower may use. Borrowers are usually never seen and sometimes told as a fictional entity. Some humans will hurt or capture borrowers if they spot them.
And their House can be quite regal as well! Very much the same as a human Home! Very Cute! Hayao Miyazaki did a beautiful job of capturing the detail and beauty of the architecture of the rooms and what is within them.
Definitely a great movie! its just fasinating how these mighty borrowers live such a dangerous lifestyle! Its quite admirable really. Thanks for reading this long card! X) Comment if you've seen this film or want to know more or what you thought of it!
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@briandiana11 yup one day! XD
@tbell2 Thanks, I'll look for it. :)
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I have some movies too tbell2 but I have seen more then I have as well. I'm hoping to get all the movies as well. it would be awesome to have them all in hand :)
i love this movie馃槃