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(Is it weird that I'm feeling Halloweeny and it's like after Thanksgiving?)
YOUR POV: "What are you going to be for Halloween, Wonny?" I asked him, calling him his nickname. "Uhh.....I don't know. I never really thought about it." He confessed. I gasped dramatically. "How dare you. Halloween is bae." "More bae than me?" He did a aegyo face. "Yes." I looked away and blushed slightly. "What? How is that possible?" He acts offended. "It just is." I go back to doing my homework. I tried to make the blush in my cheeks dissipate. I have liked HoSeok ever since we met our freshman year in high school. I have always joked around with him like this but I never actually got the guts to tell him how I felt. "I'm thinking as going as Robin or BatGirl. Or cosplaying as Yorouichi from Bleach. I don't know yet." I shrug. HOSEOK'S POV: I look at (Y/N) out of the corner of my eye. Her face is so lively when she talks about Halloween. She is so passionate about this holdiay. I love that about her. "Maybe we could wear matching outfits. Like....I can go as Orihime and you can be Ichigo. Or you as Batman and I'm BatGirl. How does that sound?" She looked at me. "Uhh....I dunno about that." I scratch the back of my neck. "Aww why not?" She looks at me, confused. I shrug and look away. "Okay..." she sounds defeated. I frown. I really like her but....I don't want to get the wrong idea about this. If we go to the party in complimentary costumes and people will think we're a couple. And I don't want to make her uncomfortable. I know she doesn't see me as anything other than a friend. We both went back to doing our homework. "Hey Hoseok, (Y/N)." We heard Hyungwon call. We both looked at him. "Hey, Hyungey." She teased. "What did I tell you about calling me that?" He playfully scolds her. "I don't know. I don't listen." She smiles. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "I don't even know why I try with you....anyway, you two are still going to the party, right?" He looked between us. We both nodded. "Of course. We wouldn't miss it for anything." I told him. He smiled and put his arms on our shoulders. Me on his right, (Y/N) on his left. He kneeled next to our table. "This party is gonna be fun. What are you going as?" He asked us. "Well....I can't decide. I'm thinking about going as BatGirl." She tells him. "Cool! I'm going as Batman!" He gushes. "Really?" Both I and (Y/N) asked with conflicting tones. Me being upset, her being happy. They both looked at me. "Oh, were you going as Batman?" Hyungwon asked, looking guilty. "No. I just remembered...uhh, I have to ask a teacher something....I will see you guys at lunch." I get from under his arm and run toward the library exit. I run inside and into the nearest bathroom. I sigh. 'I'm such an idiot....why am I acting like this? It's just doesn't mean anything.' I think to myself. I walk out of the bathroom and toward our homeroom. When I'm about to walk in the door, I see Hyungwon and (Y/N) sitting in front on the window, facing each other. Hyungwon grabs her hands and she looks at him. She smiles and nods. He pulls her in for a hug. When they pull apart, he brushes a strand of her hair behind her ear. I feel like my heart is being trampled on. I walk in the room and take a seat as far away from them as possible. I knew something was up...... YOUR POV: Hyungwon and I started walking to our homeroom from the library after Hoseok left. I was worrying about Hoseok and whether or not he was okay. We finally arrive in the room and we have a good thirty minutes before class begins. "So when are you going to tell him?" Hyungwon asks. "I don't know....what if he doesn't feel the same?" I look out the window. Hyungwon grabs my hands and I look at him. "I'm pretty sure he likes you too. You just have to ask him." Hyungwon reassures me. I nod and he offers a hug. I hug him willingly. We pull apart and he brushes a strand of my hair off my face. Hyungwon has always been like an older brother to me. I smile. I look over and see Hoseok walk in and take a seat in the back. Why is he sitting all the way over there? I shake my head and take my seat as the teacher walks in the room. I guess our thirty minutes are up. I couldn't help but look back at Hoseok who was all alone in the back. Hyungwon looked confused too. Throughout the day, Hoseok ignored us. He didn't sit with us at lunch. I was starting to get worried. *Later At The Party* HOSEOK'S POV: I decided to go to the party as Superman. I was worried about seeing Hyungwon and (Y/N) together. I finally arrived and walked through the front door. I was met with the scent of alcohol and sweat. I looked to my left to see people gyrating on the dance floor. Well that escalated quickly. I walked into the kitchen and saw (Y/N) standing by herself, with a red solo cup. From where I was standing, I could see the cup was still full. She had started drinking. What was she waiting on? Then I saw Hyungwon walk toward her. I overheard their conversation. "Are you okay?" He asked her. "Y-yeah....I'm fine. I'm just worrying about Hoseok.....why was he ignoring us?" She asked him. "I don't know......I wonder if he has gotten here yet...I'll go look for him. Remember to tell him." He reminds her and walks out the other exit. She nods and places her cup down and walked out of the back door, that lead to the backyard. I followed. YOUR POV: I miss him...I wonder what I did wrong. The party was making me feel claustrophobic so I decided to go to the backyard for some air. I stepped out and was immediately hit with cool air. No one was out here. I took a few deep breaths and wrapped my arms around myself. I wanted to cry. Tears started running down my face. I wiped them away and sniffled. "Are you crying?" I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up to see Hoseok walking over to me, wearing a Superman costume. He looked extremely handsome. I blushed a little and wiped away my tears. "Yeah...I guess so." I chuckle. "Why?" He walked closer. "I don't know really...." I look away. He nods.  We stood in silence. "Okay. What's going on between you and Hyungwon?" He asks. "What do you mean? Nothing is going on between us." I look at him. Hoseok scoffs. "You don't have to lie to me. I saw what happened in homeroom." I look at him confused. Then I remembered. And started laughing. He looked at me in shock. "Dude! Hyungwon is like an older brother to me. I don't like him like that. He just gave me a hug because I was upset." I explained. "Why were you upset?" He asked. "Because you ran off and I felt like I did something wrong. And then you didn't talk to me or him for the rest of the day......I didn't know what I did." I shrugged and looked him in the eye. "Then what was it that you wanted to tell me?" He asked. "I wanted to tell you......" I took a deep breath. "....that I like you..a lot actually. Ever since freshman year. And he was just convincing me to tell you." Hoseok looked genuinely shocked. "You have liked me since freshman year?" I nod and walk over to him. "Yeah and I still do you like me? I totally understand if...." He cut me off with a kiss. I jumped slightly out of shock but melted into the kiss and wrapped my arms around him, kissing back. We pull apart and I look up to see him smiling. "Is that answer enough?" He asks. I nod, speechless. "But...can I ask you a question?" I nod. "Batman or Superman?" "Oh, Superman by a longshot." I answer. We laugh together and kiss, one more time.
I know this one is kinda long. @Bitterlimelight @VeronicaArtino @OliviaZenger @Kitty17 @DeyaniraEstrada @KellyOConnor @Simba14 @CreeTheOtaku 1445 words!!! Someone needs to stop me.
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